Coir Carpet: The Eco-Friendly Flooring

Coir is obtained from a sustainable material and natural fiber i.e. coconut husk. However, it is not in abundance as Sisal and seagrass are. Coconut plantation is rich in countries like India and Sri Lanka, therefore these mats are commonly and mostly found in these two countries. The environment there is most suitable to grow coconut trees which are tall and have strong and deep roots. Demand for coir rugs and carpets might not be that huge but doormats are sold in great amount in the market.

Coir Production

Coir is that fiber which is made using coconut husks. Coconuts which have reached the age where they can be de-husked, their fibers are soaked in water for quite some time. Water and the ongoing microbial activity in it allow the fibers to separate itself from each other. Once this is done, yarns will be produced and strands will be woven together in different patterns to make coir carpets.

Advantages of Coir Carpet

This natural fiber has many advantages due to which people really admire it. It is one of the most durable fiber and it will last long for years to come. A coir carpet is best for a heavy traffic area; in such areas the carpets will show no sign of wear and tear. Another advantage is that coir is naturally produced without any help of pesticide or chemicals; therefore it makes coir carpet an eco-friendly product. It comes handy to family members who are allergic to dust and dirt or have asthma problems.  Unlike jute rugs, coir carpets can be used in a wet area without any caution. It is resistant to the formation of mold and mildew even when it is exposed to water for long hours. Coir carpets are very easy to maintain, a vacuum cleaner is all you need and that also not very often. In the case of spilled water, you can clear it with a clean piece of cloth.

Disadvantages of Coir Carpet

There are advantages of coir carpets but there are also disadvantages of the same due to which many people might prefer other natural fiber carpets over coir. It’s rough texture is the most common reason why people move to other fiber rugs. This is the reason that coir doormats are used most of the time as compared to coir carpets. If you will buy dyed coir, you will not find it very feasible because dye chemicals make the strands weak.

People are moving to coir carpets since they are greatly concerned about the environment. They might be mostly used as doormats but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be used for another purpose. If you have decided to buy coir carpets or mats then you have come to the right place. Floor Space will be glad to help you. You can go through the wide range of carpets on and select as per your requirements. If you are not satisfied with what they have to offer then you can always create your own carpet which will have your decided border, texture, color, dimension, size, pattern, etc.

A set size carpet or customised carpet, the choice is yours!

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