How The Modern Laser Technology Is Helping Industries?

Laser was invented more than half a century ago. But laser cutting technology has come a long way since then. Today, laser cutting machines developed by companies like Quantum Machinery are used for cutting 2D and 3D sheet metal parts.

Modern laser technology is highly flexible. Some of the latest systems include:

  • 5-axis laser cutting
  • Laser welding and robotic laser processing
  • Cutting high strength steels in the automobile industry
  • Welding and cutting processes in the manufacture of medical device

Advantages Over Mechanical Cutting

There are many advantages of using laser cutting in different industries. It doesn’t cause dulling or contamination in machinery, as in the case of mechanical cutting. There is no need to sharpen laser beams – they always sharp and don’t lose their precision.

Laser cutting helps in achieving smooth edges, high level of accuracy and lesser operator efforts. in other words, there is lesser room for human error.

Another advantage over mechanical cutting is that there is lesser wastage. Because there’s no need for hard tooling, it also helps in reducing costs. Laser cutting also consumes lesser amount of time, which helps in improving overall efficiency.

Applications in Automobile Industry

Latest development in laser cutting technology include wider applications such as cutting the latest lightweight, hot-stamped and ultra-high-strength steels. This steel is increasingly being used for making smaller, lighter, yet safer vehicles.

The automobile industry looks forward to the efficiency and effectiveness of lasers in cutting these super-strong hot-stamped steel parts. These highly strong metals are increasingly used in cars and trucks for making A/B pillars.

There have been many changes recently in the metallurgy being used in making vehicle parts. The focus is on increasing strength while reducing weight so as to improve safety and fuel efficiency. The new high-strength steels suit perfectly for the need, but they can be too hard for die sets.

Laser is also used for cutting hydroformed parts.

Robotic Laser Processing – Robotics based laser processing offers more advantages and efficiency over 5-axis laser systems. It is more cost effective and highly flexible.

The automotive industry is highly conscious of cost factors and laser technology ideally sits into the overall picture along with other factors like:

  • Robotics
  • The heads
  • Software
  • Delivery vehicles

And much more.

Laser technology has helped improve the overall cost-efficiency of the industry and helped it grow. The automotive industry is only one of the many others to benefit from laser technology.

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