Tips For Choosing The Best Fabrics

If you use the same methods on two different fabrics, you will be amazed by the difference in the results. For example, if you apply the same pattern on a pair of trousers cut in denim and cotton, you will end up with different types of pants. The first one will give you a straight and simple pair of jeans and the other a flowing and lively pair of pajama-like pants.

So the fabric can change the entire looks of what you want to achieve.

Seasonal Fabrics

You must consider the seasonal factor when choosing the fabric. You would not wear wool jacket drapes in the summer even if they feel great on the skin. On the other hand the fabric used in a summer jacket is not the one used in making a winter jacket.

When it comes to summer clothes, you don’t use wooly and synthetic fabrics. Some of the best fabrics for the hot summer days are:

  • Chiffons
  • Cottons
  • Georgettes

The gabardines and heavy wools are suited only for winters.

Check the latest seasonal trends and choose the fabrics which are in style.

Choice of Style

The styled you want to wear will also have an impact on the choice of fabric. So if you want to create an A-line skirt, you would do best by choosing cotton. It will give you a softer feel compared to heavier tweed. You may choose any of these and both can look great. But you will not only want to look good, you also want to feel good.

Choice of Pattern

This is another important factor to consider when choosing the right fabric. You will need different fabric for structured pencil skirts than for floatier dresses.

A good thing about patterns is that they come with fabric suggestions in the back so that you will be making the right choice. So if a pattern has cotton on the back, you should not choose any other fabric. This is even more important in the case of knit fabrics.

The patterns for knits will not work with woven fabrics.

Fabric Weight

This could be the most important factor for many people. Some fabrics can be too heavy for some types of clothes and others may be too light. For example, curtains made in heavy fabric like satin fall and drape in a different weight than lace or chintz curtains.

So make sure to consider all these factors when choosing the right fabric and wholesale fabric suppliers.

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