What Are The Different Ways To Measure Electricity?

People are habitat to use different electronic equipments and it becomes the part  of their life to use them and they can’t avoid it. Electricity is generally measured by electricity meter which is provided for each section in the building. We can also check which electrical equipment will consume, how much electricity. On every electrical equipment there is a label which helps give you detail about that product how much energy it consumes and any other details which helps users to use that product. Electrician always asked of you, check the label of the product before purchasing any product as it helps you to save your electricity bill.

Electricity can be measured by these ways

Reading the electricity bill

Maximum people will measure the electricity by seeing their monthly electricity bill. If we want to control the bill of your electricity, then you have to compare the bill monthly and follow some tips which can reduce your electricity bill like

  • Switch off the light, fan, or other equipments which consume electricity.
  • Don’t plug in the devices when they are not in use.
  • Use energy saving equipments to lower your bill.

Kill-A-Watt meter

This meter will act as a plug, if you plug in anything it will display you the amount of electricity it utilizes for the product. Even if you switch off the electronic it will consume some watts of electricity until you didn’t plug it out.  That will show you the complete details of the consuming of electricity when you plugged in or out. Consider the speaker of our computer consumes some watts of electricity even your computer is turned off and even if you are computer is in standby mode it consume electricity. It will help you to catch the culprit which consumes more electricity and we can choose substitute for that product which consume less electricity than this equipment.

Power cost monitor display

This device we have to mount on your electricity meter and the display device we have to install on each room these will help you to monitor the amount of electricity they are currently using by using that information we can control the usage of electricity, which consuming the most electricity, consider in the kitchen if you are installing this device and you are using grinder then it will display you the how much amount of electricity it’s consume.

TED 5000

It’s an implementation of power cost monitor display, which gives the information of every second of your consume of electricity. It’s a software work on the web browser network in your home. This helps you to consider how much energy a device is used at a particular time, consider the amount of energy used by fridge in day time is quite more than at night time because in day time the fridge is opening and closing very frequently but not in the day time.

People always go with the first option and Electrician Manly also advice you the same. Because in other process you have to invest some amount on purchasing that.

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