Solicitors Can Help Secure Music Licensing

Pub landlords are under increasing pressure to get the most of the space that they manage. Traditional pubs are closing in droves. Managers and owners are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to get customers through the door. More often than not that means expanding the range of food, drink and entertainment on offer.

More and more establishments are selling coffee in the day for example, or even opening early to offer breakfast. Special events like quizzes and karaoke help liven up otherwise quiet times, bringing much needed business through the door. And then there’s live entertainment, like comedians and bands. The pub is a great space for this kind of thing. It’s a nice intimate environment and offers a very different experience from a large arena gig where performers are just matchstick figures on the horizon.

Having a live music night is a great idea, but pub landlords need to check that they have permission to stage them. All paperwork must be in order when it comes to music licensing. Local residents have a right to peace and quiet. The noise of any loud music must be properly contained and not leak outside the establishment.

A public entertainment license accounts and makes provision for the concerns of people who could be adversely effected. Pubs can stage these events provided they abide by certain guidelines and restrictions, which means people can enjoy a good night out, but without impacting on the quality of life of others who live nearby. A solicitor can help with the application process to make sure everything is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

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