Hot Air Ballooning Tips

Taking a ride in a hot air balloon is a very thrilling, romantic thing to do. It is a once in a life-time experience and arguably the best way to see the UK. If you’ve never embarked on this brave new frontier before, then here are some tips:

Be aware that whilst your balloon flights will happen if the weather is right, this is not always the case. In fact, balloon rides will be limited to certain times of the year, between March and November when the weather is most suitable. Thankfully most people wish to fly between these two dates, spring and summer-time.

Dress appropriately. If you’re planning romantic hot air balloon flights then you might want to dress smart. However, especially if you’re helping to inflate the balloon you might be better off wearing something a little more functional.

On a similar note, you need to bear in mind that when you’re up in the air it might be a little colder. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to dress in layers, which you can remove when you’re too warm.

Now for some very practical advice: when you’re going for a hot air balloon ride you won’t necessarily be in close proximity to any facilities. Therefore, it’s certainly a good idea to go the toilet before you set off, and don’t drink too many beverages.

The last tip is simply to make the most of this once in a lifetime experience. Take your camera and soak up the wonderful view from the air.

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