How To Feng Shui Your Garden

Ancient Chinese philosophy Feng Shui literally stands for wind and water which stands for their belief that these two elements are the source of all life energy in the world. The life energy is called chi and it is supposed to bring abundance and blessings into your life and your surroundings. It is no wonder that this ancient philosophy is still present and very much popular today. People have been designing their living spaces according to Feng Shui principles for a very long time, and today we will help you use these principles in your garden.

You’ll need five elements

Feng Shui is focused on a balance of seemingly opposite elements, and the five elements which are important should be present in a garden. You can achieve this by bringing in different plants and objects and arranging them in a special way. Earth is easy as most gardens already have soil and rocks everywhere, and you can incorporate wood by picking planting boxes and small benches. Water holds an important and prominent position in Feng Shui philosophy so a pond, a fountain, or a birdbath are pretty much a must-have. As far as fire is concerned, you don’t have to build fire pits if you don’t want to, as lanterns are equally powerful but easier to use. There should also be some metal in form of planters or wind chimes.


For chi to freely flow through your garden there shouldn’t be any clutter. Any objects you choose to incorporate should be carefully selected and positioned, and everything should be in order. Each plant and each tree, each statue and flower pot is supposed to be there to help balance the five elements. Clear out any fallen branches and dried leaves, and get rid of your old patio furniture. You don’t have to toss the furniture away, but you could store it until you decide to redecorate. Australians have been renting affordable storage units in Melbourne to store pretty much anything, from old cars, heaps of clothes, to antique furniture, and you can rent one for your purpose.

Bring water

Feng Shui holds water in high regard as it is believed to generate prosperity. Not just that but it plays an important role in importing air, nourishing life, recruiting wealth, as well as improving vitality. If it’s possible for you to design your garden near water it would ease the decorating and redecorating processes, but if not, you can always get a nice fountain. It’s also imperative that the water be clear and not muddy, and running instead of still. On the other hand, you can build your own pond and use it to breed koi fish. If the water is shallow you will be able to clean it easily, and you can breed a few small fish inside. What is more, the sound of running water should attract fortune.

Don’t fear the fire

Even though water is arguably the most ‘popular’ element, the fire is, without doubt, the most powerful one. It represents transformation, expansion, energy, and passion and should be present in your garden in any form. Fire pits are a great choice, but if it’s too costly or too inconvenient, you can always turn to candles and lanterns instead. You can make the element even more prominent if you choose to have red, orange, or even yellow lanterns as these are all colors of fire. If you’re using candles you should never leave them unattended or you risk fire.

Use fences

When you have good Feng Shui in your home and your garden, it doesn’t mean that your job is done. Strong chi attracts evil spirits and if you have an open garden and not have any fences there will certainly be some evils spirits lurking around. When you have a solid fence, not only will you shield your privacy from prying eyes, but your family good fortune from evil spirits too. Bad luck and evil spirits usually come through the front door which is why it’s important to have a strong front fence. If your fence is high that’s a good thing, but that doesn’t mean that you should build a wall and block even sunlight, as a fence that’s too high (higher than the front door) it will block the air inflow.

Many will be skeptical about Feng Shui and perhaps even go as far as to claim that it’s mysticism and a bunch of mumbo-jumbo, but those who have taken time and effort to try out some of these principles will know that it makes a huge difference. Not only does your space look great, but it becomes more inviting and calming, which will bring you a piece of mind. You can apply some of these principles to your home or even your vegetable garden to increase energy in each area.

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