Get Hired As Specialised Worker Under Nova Scotia Demand Express Entry Program

Are you a highly qualified and skilled worker? And want to work in a foreign country where your work will be awarded by handsome pay as well as by providing good working environment? Then a perfect opportunity is waiting at your doorstep in the form of Nova Scotia demand express entry. You must be wondering, what it is, right? Well, it is a stream of express entry system that put emphasis on selection of highly skilled candidates who is interested for living in the county of Nova Scotia and that too, permanently.

In simple terms, it is a program of selection and recruitment that permits the Nova Scotia’s government to nominate in front of the government of Canada those individuals:

  • Who has the ability to meet regional market of labours as well as economic needs, and
  • Who has intended to settle themselves in Nova Scotia permanently

Eligibility Criteria to apply under this category of visa

There are total two categories under this program and each category demands the applicant to fulfil separate criteria as laid down by the authorities of Canada:

Under the first one that is the Group A, the principal candidate is required to possess a valid offer of employment provided that the offer letter:

  • Must have been made by single employer
  • Must been made for paid, continuous and full time work and that should be minimum thirty hours in a week.
  • Must be made for a work which should not be seasonal and after working in that job for one year PR visa can be issued.

Under the second category of B, the prospective applicant must have a work experience of at least 12 months and the work should be full time. In case of part time job, the applicant should be employed for a work that grants same pay as that of the full time job.

Other basic requirements

In order to be qualified under the NSD program, the prospective applicant must meet the below mentioned three basic requisites:

  • A legitimate foreign diploma,
  • Certificate of ECA that is, educational credential assessment by an elected body,
  • One year work experience in Canada or some other country,
  • Certified French or English language results of test from a nominated agency.

The applicant intending to get visa under the Nova Scotia occupation in demand program is required to fulfil all the above requirements in order to be eligible. Default in any requisite will make the prospective candidate ineligible.

There is not any local application fee in this program but there can be some fees linked with the submission and preparation of various documents. The applicant is, however, required to pay the necessary fees of immigration as laid down by the Canadian Government. There is no confirmation that applicant is needed to go through personal interview but in case, any company is interested for such rounds, they will be notifying the prospective candidate.

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