Museums: A Fun Day Out for the Whole Family

In the age of internet, it is easy to overlook more novel ways of learning, not to mention just how important family days out remain. Even in the digital age, museums remain one of the best ways of educating and entertaining the entire family.

Heading to a museum can expand and re-enforce what children are currently learning at school, as well as offering many unique snippets of information that even the most worldly-wise of parents may not have known. For example, if your child has been learning about the Stuart dynasty, you could consider visiting a museum with an English Civil War exhibition. Alternatively, if your child has been studying the Second World War, why not take a trip to the Royal Air Force museum, where there are over 100 aircraft on display?

Seeing physical reminders of our history and getting involved with interactive games or displays can have an enormous impact on children who might normally be restricted to textbooks, and offers a great chance for children and parents to simply have fun together.

For those with less free time, the majority of museums now have websites too, offering plenty of information on a given subject as well as chances to treat the family to related items from online gift shops. Furthermore, many gift shops, including the aforementioned RAF gift shop, put the profits from sales back into the very organisation they represent, so you can purchase souvenirs on or offline, with the satisfaction of knowing you are helping out a very important cause in the process.

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