What To Expect From a Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you have purchased or been given the gift of a hot air balloon flight, you are probably eagerly awaiting your experience. However, hot air balloon rides are unlike any other form of travel, and the thought of floating thousands of feet in the air, tethered to a balloon, may also leave you wondering exactly what the experience will be like. Knowing what you are likely to encounter of the day will hopefully help you relax and therefore get the most out of your experience.

Due to the weather conditions required, flights have the potential to be cancelled at the last minute. This doesn’t happen often and although it might be a little disappointing on the day, it will definitely be worth the wait when you experience your wonderful flight on a beautifully calm day.

From the moment of take off, the overwhelming feeling during balloon rides is one of serenity as you glide over people’s home and the countryside. The panoramic views on offer will be simply breathtaking, offering plenty of chances for memorable photographs. If you are brave, you might even choose to peer over the edge of the basket to get a sense of how high you are.

The descent can be a source of excitement all of its own, as you slowly watch the ground get closer without knowing exactly where you are going to land. The landing itself is likely to happen with a light bump, but this is normal and to be expected. Finally, you will climb out of the basket, toast your landing with a glass of champagne, and then have the enjoyment of watching your magical flying machine deflate once more.

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