Tips How To Make A House A Happy Home

When you’ve moved into a new property, it can take a while for it to really feel like home, but there are lots of little things you can do to make it feel more comfortable and welcoming without spending a fortune.

Get comfortable

Start by spending as much time as possible in your new house. A busy work schedule or numerous school runs can see you spend little time inside the home other than the time you spend in bed each night. Making a house feel like home is about associating the interior with security and privacy, which can’t be done if you’re never there. Let the outside world get on with their hustle and bustle to give yourself time to adapt to this new safe haven. Enjoy realising that your home is not only a place to lay your head but a place to unwind, cook, get inspired, be creative and have fun.

Use every space

Next, force yourself to interact with your property in a constructive way. Even if it’s in excellent condition when you move in, give it some TLC of your own. Add your own personality with personal pictures or a fresh coat of paint. Spend time getting to know the kitchen by baking or give the house a top-to-toe clean to make it feel that it is a fresh canvas for you and your family.

Play music

Whilst you’re getting to know your new home, crank up the music. Music has a powerful way of cementing memories and emotions, so if you listen to some of your favourite tracks whilst cooking, cleaning or decorating, you’ll be associating those good feelings with your new property.

Invite over your loved ones

To ensure you house is one that feels welcoming and warm, invite over friends and family to socialise in your new space. House warming parties are not only a nice way to show off a wonderful interior design, but to start building positive social memories in each room. Make sure you actually spend time with these people once they have arrived however; don’t spend hours making apologies about unfinished building work or unpacking – get back to normal with a natter and have fun so that you associate your new home with love and laughter.

Embrace clutter

When you’ve spent weeks securing a new house and decorating it to your liking, it’s tempting to keep it as a show home – or at least try to. This sort of perfection just isn’t practical and will leave you feeling continually stressed, so embrace clutter. Add sentimental photos and treasured home accessories to the shelves and make sure you have plenty of wonderful textiles to keep you and your guest comfy. Less isn’t necessarily more in your home; if you like keeping your collectable ornaments on show or having piles of vinyl records on display – this is your space to do with what you wish. The only time clutter will become a problem is when you’re trying to sell or rent the property on. Real homes look lived in.

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