How To Be Clutter-Free Long-Term

If you would like to keep your decluttering efforts long-term these tips can help you. 

There is a lot of advice out there telling you how to declutter and make more space in your home. 

But what about next week or next month when the clutter builds up again? Are you not then stuck in a constant cycle of decluttering and living in mess? If this relates to how you feel we can help.

We have some handy tips from for you to follow to help you stay free from clutter long-term. Here’s how: 

Commit To New Habits

You will have to go through some sort of change and process to create better habits with your clutter. You may need to really push yourself in the first month to stop putting letters on the side, or to stop throwing clothes you don’t want back into the wardrobe. There will be a period of time where you have to adjust. Accepting this is the first step to changing.

Make Regular Commitments

Schedule into your calendar half an hour, or an hour every week or month to review your clutter situation. 

This ensures that you do not end up with a huge buildup that takes you a long time to sort out. Shred those letters regularly, take those unwanted clothes to the charity shop every few months, dealing with these things regularly means avoiding a large buildup that takes more time.

Get The Kids On Board

It can be really disheartening when you are trying to stay on top of clutter, and the family seem to have other ideas. 

Try to get them on board with your plans by teaching them to regularly deal with their mess. Maybe your husband can stop leaving his junk mail in a pile in the porch. Maybe your teenage daughter can stop leaving her old make up in a pile to build up and take up space in the bathroom.

Get the whole family on board with decluttering and it will help avoid a buildup.

Buy Less

The more you buy the more clutter you will have. Consider changing your consumer habit to try and make items that you have last longer. Try to upcycle and reuse what you can, and always second-guess whether or not you need to make that new purchase. This will help prevent clutter building up.

Do You Need More Space?

If you are constantly fighting for new space it may be that you need to improve how you use different areas of your home. 

You should not have a room used solely for junk. You shouldn’t be stepping around large pieces of furniture or stepping over a build-up of items. 

It may be that you need to change how you use areas of your home so that they function better for your family. 

If you really are stripped down to the bare minimum and you are still struggling for space it may be worth considering some cheap self storage. Cheap self storage can help you create more room in your home when you really are struggling for that extra square footage.

By changing your habits and your outlook you can prevent a large clutter build up occurring. These small jobs and new habits may seem irritating, but if you think about the time you will save long-term and the daily benefits of having more space, they will definitely be worthwhile.

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