A Complete Home Solution With Aluminum Windows

Gone are the days when aluminum windows were used for just commercial buildings. They have made huge strides in the recent years and created a new choice for homeowners to design their windows. Now you can get aluminum windows for every type of home and they are available in all possible designs, styles, and shapes. If you look around for any houses designed by architects, contemporary properties, or any current home extension, you will find aluminum windows everywhere.

Earlier, aluminum windows would be typically silver or white in color and with a hardwood sub frame. The new range of aluminum windows are suitable for new extensions and have replaced old timber windows. They even have slimline variations to look like old metal windows.

When you start looking around for windows, you need to be able to get all the facts and not get confused with myths about aluminum windows. Let us look at some of the features that aluminum windows have.

Features of Aluminum Windows

Thermal Efficiency: An aluminum window has chambers but does not rely on them as much as PVC windows. The strength of an aluminum window comes from the metal which is strong. Thermal insulation is provided by something called “thermal break”. Thermal breaks create a bridge between the outer and inner faces of the aluminum window and provide thermal and acoustic insulation.

Frame Depths: There are a variety of frame depths available for aluminum windows. Because of this, they can be used to build new windows, new extensions, or replace your old windows. Some houses have stone window surrounds, hardwood sub frames, or stone mullions and some homeowners would like to keep these intact. Aluminum windows work with all kinds of stone or hardwood surrounds. They can blend in with any design of property.

Larger Size: If you prefer a house with large glass panels, aluminum windows offer you that option because they come in larger sizes. You can have a large span window without the need for additional mullions or transoms.

Color Choice: Aluminum windows are available in many different colors and are powder coated, a process that is better than wet painting. If you want a wood-like finish, a process called “sublimation” achieves that as well, with aluminum as the base.

Environment-friendly: Aluminum is one of the most easily recyclable materials. It can be melted down and converted to other useful products after it has finished life as a window. So, it is a good choice for environmentally conscious households as well.

Corrosion resistant: When used with a marine finish, aluminum windows are resistant to corrosion. This makes it suitable for harsh weather conditions like coastal areas. If you are looking for windows that can withstand extreme conditions, then aluminum windows should be your choice.

Six Reasons to Choose Aluminum Windows

We give you six good reasons to have aluminum windows installed on your property:

  1. They resist denting and weathering with time.
  2. Aluminum windows are environment friendly.
  3. Aluminum windows are easy to maintain because they do not erode and withstand weather corrosion.
  4. They can incorporate security features like shoot bolts.
  5. Architects and installers prefer aluminum windows because of their flexibility and design choices.

Aesthetics and durability make aluminum windows a popular choice for homeowners around the globe. You can customize them to suit the needs of your house and transform them into better looking windows. If you are looking for new windows, you cannot go wrong if you choose aluminum windows. Let aluminum windows change the way you look at the world.

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