What Is Standing Seam Roofing?

There are many ways to top out a building, and new roofing systems are still being developed and brought to market. One of the latest is standing seam roofing, which is a relatively new way of applying a metal roof to a building.

As the name suggests the seams between the two sheets of metal stand out from the roof. The seam between the two panels produces a ridge. How high the ridge is varies, but from the ground, the pattern of the ridges produces a very pleasing visual effect. Most people love the sleek clean lines of standing seam metal roofs. These roofs are becoming more popular and a search for Frisco standing seam roofing or Texas standing seam roofing will bring back a list of the few local roofers who can now install them.

The Advantages of a Standing Seam Roof

Not only do these roof look good, they really last. The installation process produces a watertight seam between each sheet. The sheets of metal are quite literally folded together. There are no nails or fixtures applied along the seam, so there are no holes in the sheets. This means it is far harder for water to get into the roof.

The fact that the seams only run vertically reduces the number of seams on the roof. This also reduces the chances of a leak. A roof made from metal can be painted a light color to prevent solar heat gain, which can save the homeowner money on their energy bills.

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