How To Check A Used Computer Before Buying

Nowadays, there are a lot of sites so called classifieds where it is possible to sell, buy, and exchange all sorts of computers and computer components. People often offer to buy a computer or a laptop very cheap. It goes without saying that there is no guarantee for a used item, and therefore buying a used computer is a great risk.

On the one hand, the online classifieds are very useful because you can find basically everything. It’s a real paradise for those who are checking online ads to find used camera lenses for sale, computers or cell phones. On the other hand, it’s worth checking all the details before buying any used item because there’s high risk of getting into the trap.

First of all, do not buy a used computer if you are not sure that it is worth your money. You need to ask as many questions as possible to find out all the specifications and other necessary details.

Check how the computer works with the applications – open a couple of programs and notice if they work quickly.

It’s worth checking if the CD drive works properly as well.

It is highly unlikely that the owner will give you to check his computer for performance, so do not rush to make a decision, ideally, you must have someone with you who possesses at least a little computer knowledge and can determine how long the computer is loaded, how quickly it works in general.

Special attention should be paid to the monitor, namely to the resolution.

It’s not worth buying a computer older than 5 years if you want it to work properly. The processor frequency should be at least 2 GHz and the RAM 512 mb. Windows ( about 300 Mb) plus antivirus (about 200 Mb) will almost completely occupy this space of RAM (512 mb). And if you want to work with many pages of the Word editor, run games or resource-intensive 3D and raster graphics programs, you need at least 1 Gb.

The hard disk (probably the weakest point in all used computers) should be at least 160 Gb, because a smaller size often makes you think how to store information on a large volume flash drive. But this is not the worst, the problem is that disks less than 160 Gb are older than five years old and there is a high probability of their failure due to mechanics, and there are very few people who will help you fix these problems and the cost of repair will be more than your computer.

It’s worth paying attention to usb-sockets, because in old motherboards this was a rather weak place especially in the front part of the system unit.

When buying a used computer, make sure to open the case to see what is inside. It is important – there should not be any defects on the motherboard, otherwise unstable work and close repairs are round the corner. All the wires must be assembled neatly and fastened to the body – it is an additional plus. Huge stocks of dust or traces of liquid and insects indicate that the computer was not taken care of properly and it is highly unlikely that it will work well in the future.

When you have found a used computers for sale make sure you take time and check everything properly. In this case you will be able to find really good item.


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