How To Prepare For Interview

Are you the manager of your company and you are worried about how to contact an interview in your company or business? Yes, you should be, but not after you have read this article that aims at empowering you with the right skills to lead you to contact a successful interview that will take you to getting the right person for the job.

Identify the need for extra manpower

This is usually within the manager of the given section or department. Provided the manager is well great with the duties to be performed in the given section will prepare a well-detailed report regarding the vacancy and hand it over to the overall manager. The overall manager will consequently raise concern over the same provided that he can’t achieve all that are demanded by the departmental heads and then they will square it out.

Justification of extra manpower

The department manager will then sent a report to the human resource manager explaining with enough evidence the need to hire an extra person. This will allow the human resource to be able to compile the list and arrange the duties regarding the job designation. Then will define the responsibilities and obligations of the identified job.


For the purpose of authenticity and transparency, the position should be advertised to the public and then allowed to submit their applications. Advertisements should be on notice boards, public media, and the broadcast media. The application shall clearly state the qualification requirements for the same job and define the application procedure. There should be a hotline to air the concerns and issues based on the same jobs before they can be able to do the right use.


The applicants will be subjected to severe scrutiny by the specialist in the particular field of recruit. Their papers will be checked and adequately scrutinized. Those who don’t meet the requirements will be disposed of off while those who meet the need will be considered for an interview. They will be notified to show up for an interview through their contacts that they submit.

Interview panel

Just to finalize on the application procedure, the panelists should be identified. Let them have a prior understating of the job requirement and have a chance to prepare the relevant questions. Let the panelist agree on who will test the given quality from the applicants.

Interview day

This is a very important day of getting the right person for the job. It’s the day where the room has to be cleaned, early and equipped with all the necessary requirements. Let the panelist arrive very early and be set for the interviewing process. The exercise should be brief and straight to the point. The interviewers will be able to make finally their last short listing and forward it to the relevant authority for selection of the right person.

Once you are through with the following steps, you will have the right person for the job. The interview process is as cheap as that. Doing the right thing at each stage is mandatory. Follow this and get the right person.

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