What Is The Best Choice Between Chain-Driven Spin Bike And Belt-Driven Spin Bike And Why?

When you are planning to buy an indoor cycle bike, make sure that you will never regret your choice of spin bike. As we have already familiarized the different brands of competing spin bikes in the market, you should make sure to spend your money smartly. Meaning, spend it on a bike that will suit your taste, your budget and make  sure that it will serve your purpose of buying a spin bike. Choose the kind that you will be comfortable with, and a bike that you can conveniently use anytime.

In choosing  an  indoor spin bike, one of the most important decision that a you should   consideris,choosing the type of drive mechanism. It is either belt driven or chain driven spin bike. Whichever you prefer, it is your decision. However, there are factors in each type of mechanism that you should know, in order for you to choose the best indoor cyling bike that you think can make your workout more effective and enjoyable.

What is the role of Belt drives and chain drive in a spin bike?

Belt drive is a mechanismthat is responsible for the transmission of the rotating motion with the use of a rubberized belt. This rubber belt works by force of friction. When a biker starts to pedal, the belt transmits the rotation of the driving pulley to the driven pulley. And because it is rubber, there will be no clanking sounds  during the rotation.

The chain drive  functions are the same with the belt drive  function on a spinning bike. One difference is that, it uses sprockets to completely transmit motion.And because it is made of metal material, it needs to be lubricated weekly to keep it on functioning well.

The mechanism of a spin bike plays an important role in how your spin bike perfoms. But it is also important , that you know what  are the basics of maintaining your spin bike  to keep it performing well.

Advantages and disadvantages of a belt drive: 

  • Advantages

The Belt drive design is very simple, but durable. It has the capacity to transmit power to reach distances up to 15m and more. It operates smoothly and noiselessly with the ability to slip on pulleys easily, so it can prevent overloading.Even if the belt drive loosen up due to long use, it still operates silently. Lastly, it is durable and doesn’t require weekly maintenance such as lubrication and also it doesn’t need adjustments.

  • Disadvantages

However, belt drives disadvantages include; it is only for short time use and when it wears off, your only option is to replace it. Because it is more durable and doesn’t need frequent maintenance, spin bikes with a belt drive mechanism are more expensive. 

Advantages and disadvantages of chain drive:

  • Advantages

The advantages of a chain drive mechanism are; they are more versatile and more economical than the belt drive. You can have feel the outdoor road biking in spin bikes with chain drive mechanism. You may hear a clinking sound  like outdoor bikes which is mistaken as a noise. However, spin bike chain guard lowers reduces the clinking sound, so it is quieter than the outdoor bikes.

  • Disadvantages

The disadvantages are; they need to be oiled and tightened regularly. Lubrication is a must in chain drives to prevent rusting and to help the chain to pass smoothly on the sprockets. If you failed to lubricate it regularly, rusting will cause higher resistance against the pedal, which can result to ineffective workout.


In maintaining your physique, the help of the machines can usually motivate you more in exercising everyday. It helps us to become more responsive of our goal to be fit. So, choosing the  spin bike is very important. It is better if you ask an expert for the tips and the best type of spin bike that is suitable for you. Whatever you prefer, a belt driven or a chain driven exercise bike, it doesn’t matter, as long as you are knowledgeable on how to maintain them and most important thing to consider is, if you are comfortable using it. 

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