How To Store Ski Equipment Between Seasons

Find out about the best ways to store ski equipment between ski seasons to ensure your gear stays in great condition. 

Ski equipment is not cheap, so it makes sense to look after it really well between uses so there is no need to replace it regularly. Whether you store it at home, or in cheap self storage, these tips will help you store ski equipment properly between seasons:

Clean Your Skis

Remove any debris from your skis properly with a soft cloth and clean water before allowing them to air dry. Any rust that has formed should be gently removed with fine wire wool. Dewax old wax and then apply new wax to protect against moisture remembering to leave a note for yourself to take that wax off when you get your skis back out. 

Adjust Your Bindings Accordingly

Some like to release the pressure on bindings and some don’t. Usually the issue is that most skiers don’t want to have to readjust bindings in the new season. Think ahead as to which method you would prefer, to understand if the potential to extend the life of the bindings is worth it for you. 

Keep Poles Together

Always store poles together placing protection on the ends. 

Clean Your Boots

Your ski boots require a really good clean, but most importantly, they need to be completely dry before they are stored. Any broken parts should be repaired or replaced before storage. 

Store Goggles In A Protective Case

Be careful when cleaning your goggles as not to remove the protective anti-fog coating on the inside. Once the goggles are clean, store them in a protective case. 

Ski Clothing

Ski clothing should be washed and dried before storing and any damaged items should be repaired or thrown away. It might also be worth replacing any items you have had to get rid of before storage, so that you don’t forget and end up paying top prices in the ski resort next season. 

Climate Control

With ski equipment it is so important to avoid storing in a damp environment which could rot any material parts of your gear. It is also important to avoid extreme warmth which could cause issues with mould and mildew if there is any moisture at all in the equipment. Sheds and garages can work well for storage, but aren’t always the best environment. Cheap self storage often comes in a climate controlled environment which will not only help protect your ski gear, but it will stop it taking up space in your home between seasons. Self storage prices are very reasonbale as well.

Remember that the work you put in to storing ski gear well will be worthwhile when it comes to the new ski season. You won’t have to do anything much at all to your things, and instead can spend time looking forward to your upcoming ski trip. You’re also likely to save a lot of money on new gear, which could be spent on the upcoming apres ski scene instead…

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