Is A Lunchtime Facelift Right For You?

We live in an increasingly busy world, but more so than that, we also live in an increasingly efficient one. The cosmetic surgery industry, in particular, has certainly fought a worthy battle to better treatments for those of us on the move or with busy work lives, and the ‘lunchtime facelift’ – also known as the quick lift – is one result we are certainly excited to see more of in the future. For those who might be considering a facelift but are concerned with scarring or extended downtime, the lunchtime facelift could be the solution, but what exactly is it? We’re exploring more below.

What Is A ‘Lunchtime Facelift’?

A ‘Quick Lift’ is a laser treatment that provides skin firming, plumping and smoothing benefits all without the need for any cutting, stitches or any downtime after the treatment. This treatment consists of a laser that penetrates the skin, destroying old and damaged skin cells to better promote the natural production of new skin cells and better collagen to keep your skin looking better for longer. Designed to tackle the signs of ageing through reduction of pore size and tightening of sagging skin, patients who opt for this treatment could see balanced pigmentation, brightened skin and potentially even reduction of the appearance of scars.

The Pros

The biggest positive to this innovative treatment, of course, is the simple fact that it’s quick. For those in full-time work who might only have an hour or so at lunchtime, this 45-minute treatment could be ideal for a quick facelift before returning back to work after the lunch hour is over. Through quick treatment and limited recovery time, this kind of lift could even take out some of the nerves that patients can often feel when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

Additionally, it also doesn’t require any anaesthetic, so those with allergies or who are simply too nervous to go under local or general anaesthetic will be able to undergo this treatment with ease. While there may be some minor discomfort, the treatment is generally pain-free and non-invasive too.

The Cons

Laser face lifts, unfortunately, aren’t for everyone and so it’s important that you go to a consultancy appointment before opting for any treatments or making any commitments. Unfortunately, some skin types may not react well to the lasers or the heat caused by them and so you may be offered a patch test before the full procedure.

Additionally, you will need to go back for top-up treatments, usually within a year. While this might seem inconvenient in theory, the sheer speed and efficiency of each treatment make it quick and simple to undergo again on an annual basis. It’s also important to consider that the condition or state of your skin can also make a huge difference to the results you’ll see after your lunchtime facelift.

If you’re looking for a quick and efficient solution to the signs of ageing, this quick and simple facelift technique could be the one for you. Do your research, talk to a consultant and make sure you get all of the information you need and you could soon be seeing the results of a quick lift!

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