How Addictions Can Be Overcome By Strong Will Power?

It is true that addiction is a chronic disease which affects the brain and destroys the will power in the addict. This defines that opposite to the conventional stereotypes, people who become dependent on alcohol or drugs are not immoral, weak or tragically flawed. The users start recovering when they become responsible for their own. If someone has helped you to adopt these habits, do not to blame them, since it was your choice as well. Instead, you can help each other to abandon those practices which pushed you into the pile of mud. But if you continue these habits even after you are not friends, it is probably something that has clawed your neck to kill your whole. Getting addicted to drugs is not your fault to have the disease, but it is your responsibility to get for your good will. If you are involved long into any abused drugs, it is time replacing your weakness with strength.

The contradiction of surrender and inclination

Many people who have tried following the process of recovery, have understood that only the willpower is not enough to quit these habits. It does not necessarily mean that willpower has no role to play in the way to recovery. Most of the people who are inclined to addiction, want to get rid of the habit of taking drugs, at a point. They cut ties those friends who are the real company to enjoy these drugs. Some people get rid of their stock of stash and make swears to their beloved people to not to commit it again. You should never delay in replacing your weakness with strength.  Many people don’t get the support and return to their habits once again. This habit of returning to the addiction is common and has been harassing the addicts for a long time, no matter how robust and disciplined they are.

The necessary things to be done to avoid addiction

When you feel weak to withdraw yourself from these habits, take a leap of faith, and take the responsibility to get over these habits with a strong will. The decision that you take first needs avoiding those people, who have pushed you into the habit in the first place. You also need to avoid the things and the places that trigger you most to get intoxicated. It also requires regular self-care, such as eating healthy food, doing regular exercise, and making time for sober activities and balance your emotional upheaval. Sometimes it is possible that you will lose your willingness and become the greatest obstacle to your recovery. This is where the social support system works. Your friends, family, an advisor, peers in recovery and others will take a significant part in such situation to rescue you from the trap of the abused drugs. Hence, willpower alone will not be able to help you to get over the triggers, but your surroundings as well. If you desire a live long and healthy, stay away from these habits as far as you can.

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