Live In Care: So Much More Than Life In A Care Home

When you can no longer look after yourself you may think that the natural next step is to move into a care home to live out your remaining lifespan. You may even have visited a few and seen the daily activities classes, weekly or monthly trips out and been reassured that you’ll be able to bring a few of your favourite things with you.

Is there an alternative? Of course, there is! Live in care provides you with the same level of care that you would receive in a care home – except you never need to leave your own home. You can remain in familiar, comfortable surroundings for as long as you like.

Will a care home allow you to stay with your spouse?

Although many care homes offer flats or suites for married couples there may be a long waiting list to move into one. In the meantime, you are faced with living in the same building, but in separate rooms or continuing to struggle on your own. In home care allows you to remain living with your spouse, without needing to be apart. And if you aren’t married opting for in home care allows your partner, sibling or companion to continue to be there for you.

Does your care home accept pets?

For many people their dog, cat, budgie or other pet is as much a part of the family as any human but often, moving into a care home means finding alternative accommodation for your pet. Some homes allow you to bring small pets with you but choosing a live in carer, who can help care for your pets as well, may be a better option if you have several cats or a large dog.

Will you see your friends?

We all have hobbies and interests and whilst you may have had to give up running there’s no reason you shouldn’t continue to meet with your friends to enjoy less athletic pursuits. In fact, choosing a live in care assistant may mean you can continue to attend meetings and classes as they can provide you with personal transport to and from sessions. Can your care home even come close to that level of service?

Will you get to see the world?

Some care homes offer an exciting sounding selection of activities and some even organise days out to local attractions. But if you aren’t interested in going to the seaside or visiting a stately home your options may be limited. Many in home carers can drive you – not just to appointments but also to visit family or attractions that you are attracted to. There’s simply no way a care home can offer that level of flexibility.

Who’s your carer?

Moving into a care home can be confusing. So many new faces to get to know. With live in care you have one carer who you can trust to always be there for you, whatever the time of day.

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  1. Thanks for helping me understand more about care homes. The best way to ensure the safety and comfort of your elderly parent in care home. This has to be asked to relatives or caretaker who took the senior there. If they are satisfied with the service, then you can go for a discussion with the organization.
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