Looking to Trade Up To A New Phone?

If you are looking to sell your old phone and get one of the newer model phones on the market, it can be hard to make a decision, as the choice available is just so vast. Screen size, storage capacity, platform – it can all be bamboozling to say the least. Examined below are the top 3 phones on the market at the minute ,which may assist you in making an informed decision.

iPhone 5:

Apple is a company that, like Nokia before them, appear to be somewhat stuck in the past when it comes to handset design, and innovation. They failed to see the benefit of increased screen size, in the past, and have attempted to rectify this with the iPhone 5. The screen is now “longer”, insofar as it is the same width it has always been, but is longer than previous iPhones. Apple has implemented an A6 chip (their own design) in the iPhone 5, and the camera is really very good, although there have been many reports of a purplish haze appearing on photos in certain light conditions. None of the Apple icons are live like you find on the Android platform.

HTC One:

The HTC One is being called the ultimate Smartphone by technology commentators everywhere. This phone will make you want to sell your HTC Wildfire straight away, once you’ve actually held on in your hand. The One has many innovative features also, that do not appear on other phones, such as an Ultra Pixel camera, which, although “only” 4 megapixels, takes images comparable to 13 mp shooters. Also, HTC TV changes everything you thought possible from a mobile phone, turning your device into a TV guide / universal remote control.

Samsung Galaxy S4:

The latest in Samsung’s flagship “S” series of phones, the S4 is amazing in every conceivable way. A large, clear & bright screen, expandable memory and Touchwiz interface are just some of the stand out features you can expect from the S4. This handset was released to rave reviews across technology websites and magazines in March of this year. Ridiculously powerful, with a quad core CPU & 2GB of RAM, this is more like a laptop than a phone with it comes to computing power. It also has a “best in class” 13 mp camera for shooting pics. This phone has since gone on to become the fastest selling Android phone in history, selling around 1 million per day after its release, and almost 20 million to date. 20 million gadget junkies can’t be wrong!

So, there you have it. 3 amazing devices, each with their own special features and selling points. And each is available for around the same price, both on contract and SIM free, making the decision even harder to make.

Hopefully this article will have gone some way to help make you in the decision making process. It may even just come down to which handset you feel looks nicest!

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