How To Make Money Online

Do give up the day job.

The arrival of the internet changed the working world forever. Now, you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars and never even leave your favourite chair. According to The Pew Research Center in Washington, 1 in 4 Americans now make money online and in the UK the figures are rising too. Why has making money online become so popular? Well, you don’t need much start-up capital – just a laptop and an internet connection and the online world is yours. In effect you no longer need to borrow money to start a fully fledged business to make money on your own.

You no longer need to worry about credit scores and interest rates; unsecured loans and guarantor loans can be a thing of the past. So, what are your options if you want to give up the day job and start a new, glittering online career?

Be an influencer

Social media users across the world currently number some 3.77 billion, and counting. Being an influencer on Instagram (700+ million global users) or Facebook (1.94+ billion monthly active users), for example, gives you a very broad audience. Brands will pay significantly to be featured on accounts with high follower numbers – British fashion vlogger Patricia Bright, 27, for example, recently told a magazine that 25% of her earnings come from Instagram partnerships with big brands. If you want to reach influencer status then you need follower numbers in excess of 100,000.

Sell professional skills

There are numerous websites now where you can offer skills online in return for cash. Peopleperhour and Freelancer are just two examples of forums in which you can earn in return for skills such as writing, web design and social media management. If you’re a keen photographer then you could establish a bank of photographic assets that others can buy or licence for a fee – the same goes for music. Just about any skill can be monetised online now as long as you can find a buyer.

Take surveys

Online surveys are very valuable to brands looking to glean customer feedback about advertising or product concepts. As a result, there are survey websites that are well paid to distribute surveys to willing customers who will provide their opinions in return for points. Once you’ve accumulated a certain level of points you can convert these into a range of different outcomes, from a preloaded MasterCard, to vouchers for high street stores.

Become an eBay master

eBay is not just a place for getting rid of old shoes or pieces of furniture that never looked quite right – with a bit of focus you can make a lot of cash via the auction site. For inspiration, see Nasty Gal CEO Sophia Amuroso who started her eBay account in 2006 and grew it into a business with  $100+ million in sales.

Hire yourself out

As the gig economy has grown you can now make money doing virtually anything for someone else. Websites such as Fiverr, for example, allow you to list any skill for any job and get paid for it. Every job on the site has to be listed for around $5 – you won’t make a fortune from this kind of low commitment work but you can certainly use it to make some money online.

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