Natural Ways To Drive Away The Risk Of Cancer From Our Body

The lifestyle factors contribute a lot in maintaining a healthy life. These factors like smoking, eating poorly, being overweight and not getting proper exercise might attract a number of diseases. These reasons may also be the main problem for developing the risk of cancer as well. Therefore, one must avoid unhealthy behaviours and visit the best oncologists in India for having a better understanding of the cure and ways to stay away from cancer.

Certain lifestyle tweaks to cut down the risk of cancer– The unhealthy tendencies look very different to bring in control but there are certain aspects which may help in reducing the risk of cancer. Following them will keep the body healthy as well-

  • Filter the tap water- The exposure to the unknown or the suspected carcinogen is harmful and results in generating cancer cells in the body. In order to reduce the chances of these harmful cells filtered tap water is considered to be the best. On the other hand, the water should not be stored in plastic bottles as the BPA content bottles are chemical contaminated. Hence, it is advisable to drink water from glass or steel bottles.
  • Drink coffee almost every day- Many researchers have proved that persons drinking coffee over tea have fewer chances of being exposed to oral and throat cancer. The ingredients in the coffee are found to be the potent protector against the cancer.
  • Add green leafy vegetables to diet- The darkest and green leafy vegetables are considered to be rich in magnesium which is considered to be the best in lowering the risk of colon cancer in women.
  • Moderate exercise daily- There is many walking workouts that can easily blast the excess fat from the body. Therefore, brisk walking for a minimum of two hours a week can burn a large amount of calories and helps in reducing the risk of cancer.
  • Get rid of radio frequency or cell phone risk- One must use cell phones only for small calls and text and in other cases must use a hands-free device. The radio frequency which is emitted from the phone signals directly reaches the brain and causes or increases brain cancer risk.
  • Eat clean food- These days all the products are grown using pesticides and even non-veg items are provided with antibiotics and added hormones. These foods with pesticide like strawberries, apples, etc have carcinogens which are the riskiest for developing cancer in the body.
  • Increase calcium intake- Increasing milk products in the diet like fat-free milk, cheese, butter, etc all improves the production of precancerous colon polyps and improve the cells to a maximum content. Therefore, it helps in preventing osteoporosis.

Thus, it is the weak lifestyle which is the blunder for the unhealthy health and diseases. One must follow a routine with healthy habits in their life in order to get rid of such dangerous diseases. For further reference, the top surgical oncologists in India can be consulted.

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