Nephrectomy- Types, Need And Preparation

The kidney is one of the vital organs of your body that filters your blood, produces urine and maintains the balance of minerals in your body. If it is damaged due to any deadly diseases, like cancer or gets injured, it may fail to perform its regular function and thus a waste of your body mixes with the blood of your body and creates lots of complications.

Nephrectomy is the process through which the damaged part of your kidney or the entire kidney is removed from your body for better health. There are different methods of nephrectomy-

  • When part of the kidney is removed it is known as partial nephrectomy.
  • While the entire kidney is removed, it is known as simple nephrectomy.
  • In a radical nephrectomy, the entire kidney along with the adrenal gland and surrounding lymph nodes are removed.
  • When both kidneys are removed, that is known as bilateral nephrectomy. in this process, healthy kidneys from donors are replaced in the patient’s body.

When Is Nephrectomy Followed?

Before knowing nephrectomy cost in India, you should know more about the process. Kidney removal is a big step. When do the doctors take the step to cure patients? Have a look-

  • When a patient is suffering from kidney cancer. In this case, radical nephrectomy is followed.
  • If your kidney has been damaged and that is causing several other ailments, nephrectomy is the option. There are several reasons for such damages, like kidney stones, infections or cysts. Often any hindrance at the urinary tract can cause kidney damage and urine creates pressure on your kidneys.
  • If a patient is suffering from high blood pressure for renal artery stenosis, nephrectomy is needed. In this condition, the damaged artery causes further injury to the kidney. Attaining nephrectomy can help to manage the high blood pressure than before, though it can’t cure the blood pressure problem completely.
  • If any serious trauma, like a car accident, causes any damage to the kidney that is uncurable, nephrectomy is done.
  • If a donor wants to donate his healthy kidney to the diseased person, nephrectomy is the only way.
  • A special type of nephrectomy is followed when a donor’s kidney is not working into the recipient’s body and his body refuses to accept it. This is known as allograft nephrectomy. It is a bit different than removing own kidney of the patient.

Preparations a Patient Need to Take before Nephrectomy

If you are going to the operation table, there are certain things you need to follow-

  • You should stop taking any blood-thinning medicines and aspirins one week prior to the surgery.
  • A day before surgery, you should not eat or drink anything. Thus, you can stay away from vomiting during the surgery.
  • Your doctor will check out your general medical histories, like if you are allergic to anything or whether you have a surgical
  • If you are pregnant by any chance, tell that to your doctor much before the surgery.

Here, you get information about nephrectomy. If you have any kidney patient in your family, consult your doctor immediately and follow the advice.

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