Seaside Dishes: 4 Great Foods To Try While You’re In New Jersey

Many parts of the world are defined by their cuisine and it’s the same when it comes to visiting different states in the US and sampling their local specialties.New Jersey has about 140 miles of oceanfront and that means that seafood dishes are a major feature of the cuisine that you can enjoy in this state.

Here is a taste of some of those dishes that will have your mouth watering when you read the menu in some of the New Jersey eateries.

Best of both worlds



Great steak is a major feature across the country and the perfect combination is surf ’n’ turf, giving you that classic combination of seafood and meat.

A great example of a New Jersey surf ‘n’ turf meal would be a decent-sized sirloin seared in a cast-iron pan, topped with an enviable mound of jumbo crab meat, finished off with a generous helping of blue cheese.

The combination of the melted cheese, sweet crab, and juicy steak will prove hard to resist and you should definitely put a surf ‘n’ turf on your list of must-have treats when you come to New Jersey.

Straight from the sea


The size of New Jersey means that you can stay somewhere like the Saddle Brook Marriott and enjoy the city sights but still not be far away from the coastline.

The coast can always come to you anyway, as great seafood restaurants are in plentiful supply and you won’t have to hear the sound of the waves lapping to enjoy Jersey oysters and clams.

Aquaculture is a big feature in Cape May and surrounding areas and you can sample raw oysters with confidence and the combination of clams combined with several carefully-chosen accompaniments, means that the taste of the sea is always a treat in New Jersey.

No time to waste


If you are going to be exploring the shoreline in New Jersey you won’t have too much trouble finding a restaurant that prides itself on taking the catch off the hook and onto the plate with little time in between.

It is hard to beat that “just caught” taste and you should be able to find a variety of super-fresh treats on offer such as Mako, Mahi, Bigeye, Swordfish and Wahoo. Squid and John Dory are also caught and served fresh in a number of great restaurants, so you won’t be short of a seafood feast when you come to the area.

Hard to crab these cakes


Sometimes, it is the simplest dishes that taste the best and crab cakes might be a simple recipe, but done right, it is a melt-in-the-mouth moment.

Look out for breaded and fried crab cakes that are made almost exclusively with lump crab meat and minimal use of mayonnaise and potato, giving you a great hit of crab that will have you reaching for another one almost straight away.

Put these great dishes on your menu when you visit New Jersey and you will be creating some mouth-watering memories.

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