If Theme Wedding Is In Your Mind, Then Resort Is The Place!

Gone are the days when wedding trumpets were blown into the streets and decorating entire lane with streamers overhead. Presently, weddings are performed in larger scale with lots of money spend on the decorations and assembling of different cuisines. Earlier arranging a Pandit was the only work apart from shopping. These days people are opting for theme weddings and wish to make their once in a life time activity to be organized in the best possible ways. Resort around provides you all the amenities that you must be looking forward for hosting a grand celebration.

Perfect venue for theme weddings- wedding planners are hired to make all the necessary arrangements and his initial need is of space where he can setup the theme. These resorts that are popularly known as Nandi Hills resorts (Click Here) are constructed in a wider space. You and your planner get ample space to show your creativity.

For live telecast- Weddings are now not just walking down to the stage and getting pictures clicked with the couple. Due to different professions your relatives couldn’t make their way to attend most of the functions so for arranging a live telecast through Facebook or by a video call, you want everything to be perfect. With beautiful decoration under natural environment you set thestage on fire and with all necessary arrangements done at the resort, you are more likely hit thousands of likes and comments.

Additional props- It’s not the stage that attracts invitees. Your wedding planner will have ample space to put up additional props for guests where they can get their Selfies and pictures shot till the content of their heart. This is one of the major attractions of outdoor wedding and attracts more of your guests to be there and well on time.

Delicious food-You may wish to serve your invitees with ample choice in mouthwatering food. The food that is cooked in the resort kitchen is organically grown. So apart from being tasty, it’s healthy too. People being health conscious would love to be at the place that serves them something healthy and that too in natural suburb.

Modern rooms and cottages- In an effort to provide you with some resting hours, there are rooms that are loaded with all modern life amenities. With bed and attachedbathroom you can rest after and before starting of rituals and ceremonies. Use these rooms for adding touch-ups to your makeup or simply to sit and relax while you wait for your guests.

Special parking place- For a hassle free parking a special place is designated where you and your guests can park their vehicles. Helpful staff is always there to help you with all the guidance and information. You can avail their services for booking cabs as well.

Get the most from your stay by booking Manali resorts packages full of added extras and special services offered at discounted rates.

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