Tips To Prevent Double Glazed Units From Mist, Fog Or Clouds

Perfectly erected building premises are a great boon for all as we require fresh air, light, heat and coldness. It is the doors and windows that facilitate all these necessities for us. As such it is necessary to maintain them well because everything is prone to deterioration with the passage of time. Timely cleansing and careful upkeep of the double glazed units is the right answer to make them run for long. But as said in the preceding lines, double glazed windows or doors could also get damaged for which double glazing repairs by the experienced repairers is a must. They are the right guys to fix the problems.

Preventing mist or other problems – Undoubtedly, the double glazed windows and doors are costlier as compared to the ordinary pieces. As such due care should be exercised to protect them from mist etc as these culprits damage these units in a big way. Owners of double glazed units should take the following preventive steps for this –

Understand the real culprits – First of all consider the causes of mist, condensation, clouds or other problems. The real culprits behind these issues could be imperfect fitting by inexperienced installers. Use of wrong chemicals or harsh detergents for cleansing the double glazed units could also be the real causes behind mist or other similar problems. It is best to avoid these two reasons and ensure that the windows or doors are installed by sincere and competent installers that know their task well. No inexperienced guy should ever be hired for their installation. Use of improper cleansing materials should be avoided.

Perfect maintenance – Double glazed windows or doors can be retained for longer years by maintaining them well. Be wise to make use of gentle soap, detergent and white vinegar. Take fresh water to clean the windows perfectly by using a soft cloth instead of a hard brush. Combination of white vinegar with warm water goes a long way in making the double glazed units to prevent mist and facilitate glitter.

Protection from heat, coldness or rainy water – We often see that the glass panes of the double glazed windows or doors become misty during rainy or cold seasons. As such we should prevent these two. No rainy water should be allowed to make the double glazed windows or doors wet as they could become misty. Likewise we can protect the windows too much extent by not permitting heat or coldness to affect them. We often come across windows or doors that expand or contract due to adverse weathers that may cause mist or cloud and moisture etc. Preventive measures may be sought from the manufacturers or vendors that know it wisely.

Challenged with mist, moisture, clouds and other problems related to the windows or doors! Don’t think of replacements but adhere to these simple tips instead and enjoy peace of mind without spending much. Why not eliminate condensation from the interiors of the sealed units and prefer double glazing repairs if something goes wrong.


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  1. Hi, I was looking to hire someone for the Window Replacement work on my house. But I was confused about whether I should get single or double glazed windows. After reading your article and one by one going through the advantages of having double glazed windows, I am sure of getting those in my house. Thank you for all the details.

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