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In the case of many couples marriage survives until death separates them, whereas in fewer cases marriage lasts till a divorce sees them apart. With so many marriages falling down each year, couples need legal advice of the family lawyers who can help them during this terrible time and in rebuilding their lives.

All the attorneys and lawyers who are members of the New Way Lawyers work as a close knit team. They are proficient professionals who are treasured with the wealth of experience and profound knowledge of Australian Family Law. Their aim is to help clients and achieve a desirable result. The clients are provided with personal service, care, peace of mind and results by paying moderate fees. The attorneys and lawyers not only render professional support but also the emotional care. They are genuinely concerned if the client is moving in the right direction. They understand the situation one is facing and they are personable about the same.

New Way Lawyers has been established for the people and not for the profit. Therefore, whatever the lawyers will do, it will be for the client’s best and not to mint money out of them. Hence, if your case takes time to get settled then it will be due to bonafide reasons. However, in the case of family issues, the matter gets resolved in no time or not, it entirely depends on how cooperative both parties are. Also, Brisbane family lawyers believe in settling the issues out of the court as court hearing takes time and money. However, if your case is about to proceed in the court or the proceedings have already been initiated, then it is not an issue, our attorneys will take care of it. The attorneys and lawyers of New Way are honest with their work and clients. They will never lead you and always say the truth and keep you attentive with respect to the problems you are facing and solution that needs to be found.

Also, the lawyers know that in each case situation is different and therefore they will discuss with you the whole situation and make a case plan before suggesting to you anything and reach a conclusion.

Apart from Family law, the firm operates in estate law and domestic violence issues as well. The lawyers will their requisite knowledge and specialised skills can deal with any Family law matter inside and outside the court. The team of highly educated and very well qualified lawyers includes lawyers who have more than 20 years of experience in Family Law and are specialists. They know how sensitive Family matters are.

You can seek help of our attorneys and lawyers in the case of following matters: –

  • Divorce, separation, or de facto relationship breakdown
  • Child custody
  • Child protection
  • Adoption
  • Property settlement
  • Guardianship
  • Spousal support or maintenance
  • Parenting arrangements with respect to visitation, residence and relocation
  • Child support arrangement

New Way Lawyers is very clear with its vision and mission. The sole purpose of its existence is to provide legal services to low or moderate income group people. Justice never comes at a price and every person deserves it, therefore our services are open for each person irrespective of the religion, race, age, gender and disability.

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