Tips On Taking Legal Action Relating To Construction-Related Accidents

Working in a construction site poses a lot of danger to the workers; however, it’s the employer’s responsibility to ensure that there are safety measures observed and that the construction site, machinery, and tools are in well maintained and in safe condition.

But given this, there’s still a lot of potential risk involved while working in a construction company. Simply working with heavy machinery, electrical wiring, and from very high heights puts construction workers at the risk of having major injuries that could even be fatal.

This is why it’s important to be aware of what steps to take should you experience any kind of work-related injury on site. Don’t wait till something has already happened to you before you inform yourself of the necessary action you should take right away.

Inform Your Supervisor

Right after the accident, do inform your immediate supervisor of what happened so an accident report can be prepared. This is the first important step to take regardless of the severity of your injury. If you’re not able to report it yourself, have someone you trust—better if they were there during the accident—who can report it for you and who can make sure that all proper paperwork related to your accident is made.

Seek Medical Treatment

Upon checking in with your supervisor, you can ask if they have recommended doctors or physicians that you should go to for worker’s compensation reasons. Your employer may have to prepare medical reports that they can submit to their respective insurance company to be able to claim payment. But in any case, make sure to go with their recommendation and not use your own personal insurance.

Check with Human Resources

Check in with human resources regarding your benefits, especially if you’re not able to report to work for a certain amount of time as recommended by your attending doctor. If you don’t have any benefits that you can claim, you may appeal or go directly to a lawyer to seek legal advice regarding your rights and options.

Gather Your Paperwork

In every step of the way, make sure that you have yourself properly covered with signed paperwork. From the time of injury up until seeking out benefits and proceeding to determine your legal options, you have to be prepared with supporting documents that will be your backbone throughout the ordeal—or even in a case, if it comes to that.

Approach a Construction Accident Lawyer

Approaching and seeking the advice of a lawyer who specializes in construction accidents doesn’t have come last in this process. You may already seek legal advice early on, even if it’s just to check what worker’s compensation and other benefits you are entitled to.

Of course, if it comes to a point that there was proven neglect on the employer’s side, you’ll have a very strong case on your side. The legal process for these cases normally reaches its end with a settlement made with your employer’s insurance company and without having to go through litigation and hearings. Settlements for work-related injuries and accidents in a construction site typically include loss of wages, medical costs incurred, and emotional damage.

Through it all, what would make your situation flow smoothly is having a reliable lawyer who excels in handling construction-related cases. You can approach David Resnick & Associates through this have an initial consultation regarding your situation. They will be able to guide you through it all and ensure that you’ll receive the rightful benefits you are entitled to given your situation.

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