Truro School Gets Professional Surfing Coach Sam Lamiroy On Board To Help Raise Skills Among Its Pupils And To Create An Elite Surf Squad

Lots of people of all ages enjoy surfing in the UK. This sport provides a real adrenaline kick, and it is great exercise. Increasingly, families are heading off on adventure holidays that incorporate activities like surfing. This can be ideal for youngsters who want to improve their skills on the waves.

Indeed, children studying at Truro School may well be eager to head off on vacations like these. After all, the educational institution is trying to create an elite surfing squad, and the more practise pupils get, the greater their chances of making the cut.

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The school has revealed it has invested in professional surfing coach Sam Lamiroy to help it cultivate a top-class surfing team and to spearhead the future of surfing in Cornwall. Many think of the expert as the best surfer in the UK.

Headmaster Andrew Gordon-Brown said: “We have bought in Sam Lamiroy because we want the talented surfers at Truro School to have the best professional coach in this sport and the opportunity to take part regionally and nationally in surfing competitions.”

Students at the school already often head to Perranporth and Crantock, making use of the Perranporth Surf Lifesaving Club along the way. Meanwhile, the school stated that the youngsters are also aware of the importance of training outside the sea and are well disciplined in swimming and body strength.

According to Mr Lamiroy, coaching surfers of all levels is the way forward. In addition, he believes more theoretical aspects of surfing should be taught through pool work, fitness sessions and video analysis. On this topic, the expert said: “We try to give regular, structured advice for those who are new to the sport, as well as giving really complex technical, competitive and elevated level coaching to the more advanced athletes.”

Truro School noted that since 80 per cent of Cornwall is surrounded by water and the sea boasts waves, coves and reefs that attract surfers from all over the country and the world, it is taking full advantage of the chance to “breed the UK’s future surfing elite with the UK’s No.1”.


It won’t all be hard work though. About this, Mr Lamiroy said: “The aim of this on-going project is to help the pupils improve their surfing, at the fastest possible pace, while having as much fun as we can.” He added: “This project will help to put Truro School firmly on the map as the school to go to for anyone wanting to engage in an array of water sports at the highest level – while also receiving a top class education.”

Originally from Newcastle, the specialist has been surfing since the age of 11. He is obviously excited about the project at Truro School. Although it has only just started, considerable improvements have already been made.

Mr Lamiroy concluded by stating: “I’m really excited to see what happens as the days get longer, the water gets warmer and the conditions get better. The surfing these kids are doing is going to go through the roof… I can’t wait!”

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