Washing Machines – How Do They Actually Work?

Everyone knows that hand-washing clothes is a hard household chore. Today, life is made so easy and convenient with the plethora of appliances that you cannot imagine doing work with hands like washing clothes when the machine breaks down or there is a lengthy power cut.

Women are very sensitive about their hands today and don’t desire to roughen them by doing the washing.  Washing machine is the best solution for keeping hands smooth and away from pain. You can look for washing machine prices and below features at websites like CompareRaja:

How washing machines work?


  • Speed Wash: Speed wash will be useful when your clothes are not much stained. Besides, speed wash consumes very less time for completing the washing process when compared to ‘normal’ wash. If you think that your clothes are heavily soiled or dirty then it is better not to choose speed wash.
  • Normal Wash: Many people think that normal wash settings are designed to use very often for washing your clothes regularly but this is not true in reality. Remember, normal wash means special settings are not applied. It is recommended to use normal wash option to save energy and time when there is average load. It will also help in conserving water.
  • Sanitizing: This type of settings will be a great help if there are kids in your home.  In fact, this type of settings can protect your kids from bacteria. All you have to do is switch on the sanitizing option, while washing kid’s clothes. During this process hot water will be released into the washer tub to destroy any kind of bacteria present on the tiny clothes. You can also use this type of settings to wash your curtains, towels, pillow covers and bed sheets.
  • Soak Settings: Soak settings will be beneficial for softening your clothes before washing them. 30 minutes soak is pretty enough to soften your clothes.
  • Delicates: This option will be supportive when you want to wash the clothes with heavy embroidery. Use this setting to avoid damage to heavy embroidered and lace work clothes.
  • Eco-Wash: Eco-wash will aid to conserve more water when compared to the speed wash settings. It is a good choice if you want to freshen up your t-shirts with bad smell.  Avoid using this setting if you find more stains on the t-shirts.

If you are planning to buy a new washing machine then do visit the Whirlpool dealership. Besides, you will even get to know about the different types of washing machines with advanced features introduced in the market. Once you are done with your washing machine purchase the next thing which you need to think about is installation.

Most of the washing machine manufacturers in India provide a user manual to their customers that include all the details about the washing machine installation, safety instruction and settings. Do refer that manual to make your job easy. You can also visit the manufacturer’s website to know about the installation and how to operate your washing machine.

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