What Should You Know About Angularjs Course?

Angular JS is one of the forms of JavaScript language. This language is taken as a component of MEAN. Various training programs are available for this language. But this course covers all the basics of the Angular JS. This course teaches the participants about how to perform with the Angular JS. The candidates will gain an in-depth knowledge in the Angular JS by learning this course. You can build angular js application quite easily with this course. This is the best course that will groom you to enhance your software knowledge, software developing skills and many more. So, you can do this course with no doubts.

What the Course is about?

The Angularjs training will teach participants about the views, the controllers and the built-in directions. The participants will also learn how to interact with the servers and third party libraries. The learners will learn about the open source JavaScript framework. Also, the participants will learn about the filters and how to create custom filters. The angularjs is an excellent platform to work on and that is the reason why Google has supported it. This course covers the principles, concepts and tools of the Angular js. And further, this course covers the following topics,

  • Introduction to Angularjs
  • Custom attributes
  • Javascript aside
  • HTML aside
  • Modules, controllers and applications
  • Downloading source code
  • Dependency injection
  • Functions and strings
  • Arrays and functions
  • Directives and two way data binding
  • Scope and interpolation
  • Common directives
  • The XMLHTTP request objects
  • Angular aside
  • Single page app and the hash and more.

Who can take the course?

The Angularjs training in Seattle suits the following professionals,

  • Web developers
  • Application developers
  • Absolute Beginners
  • Web designers
  • People those who want to learn Angular JS
  • Designers that have used Jquery
  • And other interested persons

The Benefits of learning the course

This course provides many benefits to the learners and those are as follows,

  • The candidates can able to understand the power of dependency injection
  • The candidates can get to know how Angularjs is functioning
  • They can able to create a single page applications in Angularjs
  • They can realize the working of the single page application
  • They can explain or teach Angularjs code to everyone else as they can understand them easily
  • The candidates can become familiar in Angular terminologies such as transclusions, dependency injection, directives, services and more
  • They can create custom directives
  • They can make quick and effective Angularjs code

Fundamentals of the Course

The candidates that are about to take part in the course should posses some basic knowledge of Javascript and HTML. These things will help them learn the course better and sooner.

Course Certification

Once the course is done, the certificates will be issued to the candidates. But the point is that, the candidates have to take part in the examination to get the course certification. The exam can either be conducted in online or offline that depends on the institute.

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