What All You Should Know About The Christmas Trees?

One of the much loved festivals of the world is the birthday of Jesus Christ, Christmas. People are seen cleaning and washing their homes and then decorating the interior to welcome their guests and relatives. Many traditional and online Christmas shopping portals sell décor items like Christmas balls, Christmas trees, cakes, wine, etc. Out of all these things, a Christmas tree is of utmost importance and it has a number of stories woven around it. You may know some of these and take pride in sharing them among friends and relatives. Here’s some more for your wide story stock of Christmas trees.

What is a Christmas tree?

According to traditions, a fir tree was used to celebrate any winter time festival like Pagan and the Christmas. But it may startle you to learn that these fir trees that are frequently used to decorate the houses and churches, is a symbol of eternal life with God. The holy time of Christmas, brings all of us closer to Christ and we celebrate this closeness to always remain intact by decorating a fir tree.

Who was the first to use a fir tree?

There are arguments and difference of opinions in answering this question. The people of Tallinn in Estonia and the people of Riga of Latvia both compete with each other in this aspect. 1441 and 1510 respectively for Tallinn and Riga is termed to be the time when they invented this tree.

Is fir the only Christmas tree around?

If you think that only fir is used as a Christmas tree, you are probably wrong. Because in many scattered parts of North Europe, cherry or hawthorn plants were used as a Christmas tree. Before the holy Christmas time, they were brought and planted in pots so that by the Christmas time, one can enjoy the beautiful blooms. Sometimes, when people were not able to afford the trees, pyramids of woods were built with paper, candles, lights, and apples, etc. So, see people are always ready with substitutes.

First time Decoration of the Christmas Tree

Exactly no one can trace the time when the Christmas tree was first decorated but it is said that it was Germany where people started decorating Christmas trees with edible as well as decorative things. Gingerbread, rum n raisin cake, gold covered apples, small lanterns, decorative glittering balls, wafers, sweets, etc. are the things used to decorate this tree. As per traditions, it must be ready by midnight.

Christmas tree and its decoration means usage of lots of lights and in Victorian times, a Christmas tree used to be decorated with candles to denote stars. Apart from candles, there are so many other things like balloons, candies, teddy bears, electric lights, etc. that can also be used. Get a Christmas tree online and decorate it with all the above information that you have gathered now.

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