How About The Beech Hill Hotel Windermere?

The Beech Hill Hotel Windermere is a 4-star facility having excellent amenities like cuisines, superb views, and the comfort of stay. The green pastures and the hills offer an incredible peace and tranquillity during the days of your stay there. In fact, whether you are city dweller or a globetrotter for business, you find solace in the lap of the hills and in the proximity the greens all around and of course, Windermere – the largest natural lake in England.

In fact, you can explore many things here bespoke to your need. So, if you are planning to visit UK anytime soon, don’t forget to check this Beech Hill Hotel Windermere at the first place.

Key areas of Beech Hill Hotel Windermere:

  • Historic building: This stone built hotel building has a historic touch. It was constructed in the 19th century on the bank of Windemere. You, therefore, get to experience a feel of the past during your stay there.     
  • Modern amenities: Though it’s a rural hotel, the Beech Hill Hotel Windermere has all the modern amenities of living there. En suite bathrooms, a seasonal waterside snack bar, flat screen TVs, tea and coffee makers at the rooms, laundry service, indoor pool, sundeck, fitness centre, and spa, for instance, are all there for your comfort and convenience. People who stayed there spoke highly about the hotel staff. Besides, the hotel has a room service menu along with a restaurant service named “Burlington’s Restaurant” that offers British cuisines along with many French cuisines.
  • Wi-Fi: The hotel has a good Wi-Fi coverage and it’s FREE. You can even access Wi-Fi at the bar. In other words, you will never be out of touch with your family, friends, and colleagues when you choose to stay at the Beech Hill Hotel.  
  • Freebees: Freebees like car parking, fishing passes, and complimentary breakfasts add to the comfort of your stay there.    
  • Private balconies: Many of these 57-room hotels have private balconies. Therefore, when you confirm a booking in advance, chances are high that you will have the privilege of staying in a room with a private balcony. Besides, you will have the opportunity of enjoying the scenic beauty and the cool Cumbrian breeze while sipping your morning tea/coffee.
  • Direct access to the garden from the room: This is yet another unique feature of some of the hotel rooms here. Just open the door and get into the garden for a walk.   
  • Windermere Lake views: The lake views from your room are priceless as experienced by many visitors here. Besides, a romantic escape to the lakeside with your partner is just awesome.  
  • High rating: Many review sites have given this hotel a very high rating of 4 and 4.5. This, in other words, construes that Beech Hill Hotel Windermere offers a lifetime opportunity of experiencing the pleasure of living in an eco-friendly environment.

Despite being a heritage building, the hotel has contemporary interiors. In other words, you will feel rejuvenated after you stay there. Be the first among your friends to visit the hotel and share your experiences with them.

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