Pune, The Oxford Of India

Pune, the college city of India is filled with the young, vibrant and enthusiastic crowd. Because of the huge young crowd in the city, the city is filled with great restaurants and cafes, happening nightlife and an overall vibrant atmosphere.

It showcases a perfect mixture of the old India as well as the young, new India. This place has its roots deep in the Marathi culture and is the place where the great warrior Chatrapatti Shivaji was raised. Apart from him, Pune’s history has stories and monuments that depict the reign of different Maharajas and tell stories about different ruler’s rule.

Apart from being so rich culturally, it also enjoys being one of the fastest growing cities of India and is slowly progressing to being the next IT hub. One cannot forget to mention the number of educational institutes that are present in Pune. There are many universities in the city filled with a high number of students.

Pune has many monuments that one can visit. However, one place in Pune that one should visit is:

Shaniwar Wada: this is one of the must visit places in Pune and one can reach this glorious monument by hiring a car on rent in Pune. This was once a stately mansion which was built for the residence of the Peshwas. The foundation to this palace was laid by Bajirao. The foundation of this place was laid during the year 1730 AD. Today it stands tall and gives one and all a glance in the great past of the Marathi’s and Bajirao.

The massive architecture of this place is laid in an area of 625acres. This palace is a symbol of Pune’s culture. It was the Peshwas headquarter once.

 Despite having many landmarks in the city itself, one cannot miss the chance of a road trip to Goa from this city.


440.2kms away from the city of Pune, one can find this paradise neatly hidden on the Western coast of India. Goa, it is so many things to so many people. It is a place to relax, enjoy and leave behind all the worries.

It is the smallest state in India and is in its own way very different to rest of the country. It is the state that is filled with churches and is famous for the Portuguese civilizations and inheritance of the same in today’s life. One can hire Pune outstation cabs and get to this place.

Baga Beach:This is one of the most popular beaches that is present in Goa and is located in very close proximity to another popular beach, Calangute beach. This beach is popular amongst the crowd for its nightlife and has some very famous clubs that one needs to visit while in Goa. Mambos, Brittos, and Titos are a few of them.

This is one of the most happening places in Goa wherein, one can enjoy the sunset and sunrise.One can enjoy water sports in the afternoon and relax in the shacks in the evening.

Basilica of Bom Jesus: This is the historic church present in Goa. This church also comes under the UNESCO World Heritage Site. This church houses the tomb and also the remains of St. Francis Xavier. The remains are in a good condition even after 400 years of his death. And, these remains are taken out once every decade and celebrated as a festival.

The church holds great importance because of its Portuguese lineage and is considered to be one of its kinds because of its architecture. One can visit this holy church by hiring Pune to Goa cabs and offer their prayers.

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