Review Of Macujo Method And Does It Works?

The macujo method is one of the best one which is the hair cleaning process for passing the hair drug tests. It was invented earlier by one of the marijuana users only. The main objective behind it was for opening cuticle for cleaning the THC metabolites from cortex completely. The hair shaft is basically comprised of 3 different layers, cortex, cuticle and medulla. The THC metabolites are stored in cortex that is protected by cuticle. The cuticles are however shingle like layers of the overlapping cells from the 5 to 12 layers in depth. For cleaning metabolites from cortex, cuticle must be opened first before its penetration.

Two parts of macujo method

This method comes in two major parts as, initial cleaning with the vinegar or clean and clear, or laundry detergent. In the first part, the acetic acid which is a vinegar component and the salicylic acid which is the component of clean and clear is used for damaging cuticle creating the pores, cracks and fissures in cuticle. Moreover, the whole combination of such acids helps in removing the external barriers as the oil, dirt from cuticle. In its final part, the combination of all special formulated components as shampoo that includes the high glycol propylene opens cuticle and reduces metabolites from cortex.

It is much important to take the note that only old formulas of the shampoo with high amount of propylene glycol are considered effective. The old formula of the shampoo can help in passing easily the hair drug tests. The macujo method even uses four components. For gaining the prime results, one must repeat whole cleaning procedure which is described online and at least 5 times in last three days, prior to hair drug tests. The cleaning procedure of it is described as,

  • 1st step: stop making use of the marijuana or other drug. You should stop in taking all drugs before starting the process of hair cleaning. If it will not stay as “clean”, the cleaning program will not be able to assist in passing hair drug test
  • 2nd step: wet all your hair with the warm water
  • 3rd step: pour some vinegar and massage your head down to scalp. Make sure it don’t go in your eyes or face at all.
  • 4th step: apply the clean & clean pink on your hair. Pour it in your hands and then massage on your hair. As it has the main component called salicylic acid. For avoiding the irritation of face, ears or eyes, wrap a huge towel around head.
  • 5th step: leave this mixture of vinegar on hair for around half an hour
  • 6th step: wash your hair at least two times with this shampoo called nexus aloe rid. It takes around only ten minutes for washing hair
  • 7th step: wash properly your hair with the tide liquid detergent.

All the above mentioned steps must be followed carefully in order to achieve good results from the macujo method

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