Tips For Trekking During Monsoons

Monsoons are the ideal time to tour many regions of India. Monsoon season In India typically lasts from June to September. During this season, landscapes are green and fresh. Roads are very clean and weather is most pleasant.

This is also the time when summer vacation of schools end, there are also less crowds in tourist attractions and you can find good bargains during travelling.

However, you may not enjoy your trip if you will not pack the correct things to travel with. For packing, you should prefer lightweight hard shell suitcase or others that are good for a rainy season. The following is a list of items to carry when you travel during monsoon:

  • Bag:

It is good to carry a water-proof light bag, so thatthe items you packed stay dry. Also, it is good to carry a plastic cover for your preciousphone, passport, and wallet so that electronic goods stay dry inside your bag or suitcase.

  • Clothes

Wear partially synthetic clothes or light cotton clothing which will dry off fast when you get wet. Pants or shorts of three quarter size are much better than clothes with full length which tend to get dirty in puddles or through splashing water.  It is good to steer clear of light colours which have tendency to become stained.Another necessary item is a jacket if you intend to trek or walk outside. Windcheatersarebeneficial to keep warm in the rainy season. Wind cheater without lining is superior as most regions   of India are very warm when raining stops. In case you are planning to visit a hill station that is cool and rains heavily, it is useful to be prepared with a jacket featuring warm lining.

  • Umbrella

Typically for walking about during Monsoons, an umbrella will work well forkeeping you dry. It is easy to carry umbrellas that fold conveniently which are easily carried and do not waste too much space. You will find umbrellas in India to be quite cheap and it may be good to purchase one on reaching India.

  • Shoes

To keep feet clean, water proof, closed shoes are vital. Gum boots or tall boots arebeneficial but you may feel heated up not wearing them. Do not buy open sandals which will make your feet dirty. Wearing canvas shoes or sneakers is also not a good idea because after getting wet, it takes a long time for drying.

  • Mosquito nets and repellents

Mosquitoes abound in the monsoon season and it is ideal to take preventive measures from getting bitten such that you don’t fall sick. Fevers like dengue fever and malaria are extremely dangerousespecially during the monsoons. It is best to keep mosquitoes at bay using strong dose repellents. In case you find it easy to set up one, a mosquito net willbe a valuable accessory for sleeping.

  • Water and food

There is a tendency for food to spoil or become moist easily during the Monsoons. Hence it is good to carry air-tight containers for packing food.  Because of this season, water also tends to become contaminated. Be safe by buying commercially packed mineral water, which is available in all corners of India.

  • Newspapers or mats

When you plan for organizing picnics along the road, carry plastic sheets or dry mats for spreading out on surfaces that are wet. They may be beneficial when you have extended waits at bus or railways stations.

These are some tips to prepare for trekking near Bangalore or any other place in India during the monsoon season.

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