What To Consider Before Purchasing A Home With A Pool?

with pool

Nothing transforms your house into a summer hotspot as a pool does. But owning a pool involves more than just filtering water and blowing out some floaties. To own a property with a private pool, you need the finances and maintenance strategies.

However, if you are keen to invest in a home with a pool, then finding Phoenix, AZ homes for sale with pool is easy. According to the research, 33 percent of Phoenix houses have swimming pools. Although constructing a pool can cost $30,000 or more, the concrete pond increases a home’s worth by roughly $10,000 in the Phoenix area.

Buying any house is one of the most significant decisions you will ever have to make. But purchasing such properties takes additional thought and planning. Here is some information on purchasing such properties.


Many homebuyers don’t do their homework before buying such a house to find out that upkeep costs are high. The most crucial figures to calculate involve the ongoing ownership costs if the pool is included as part of the purchase agreement with the home you acquire. The cost differs significantly according to the style of the pool, its size, how frequently it is used, its condition, and other elements.

Expert Maintenance

Pool care specialists might be hired by homeowners who lack time to maintain their pools themselves. Surprisingly, above-ground pools may be more expensive to maintain, mainly because there is no deck. It is more challenging for the professionals to reach the water and maintain it without a deck.

How Much Upkeep Does A Pool Require?

Phoenix is a famous city loved by residents due to its affordable cost of living and plenty of job opportunities. Maintaining in top condition—clean, sanitized, algae-free, and pH-balanced—will consume a good amount of your time, whether in an above-ground pool or an in-ground one. Maintenance is not a task you can leave yourself or set and forget. The absolute minimum in maintenance tasks are:

  • Skimmer pool maintenance and filter basket emptying.
  • Using a swimming vacuum and brushing the pool’s walls.
  • Filtering the water, even though this task is mainly done on an automatic basis, using timers.
  • Inspecting the water level and topping off the pool when needed.

Longevity Of A Pool

Phoenix is called the sun valley because it is blessed with warm temperatures. That is why people consider purchasing a Phoenix, AZ, homes for sale with a pool. Swimming becomes a pleasure activity in sunny weather. Longevity must be considered when seeking a house with a pool. They are typically built of fiberglass, vinyl, or concrete. Depending on the construction material, they can endure anywhere between 5 and 25 years before needing significant work, including resurfacing or replacing.

Components And Accessories

The cost of various chemical solutions must be factored into your house repairs budget in addition to the equipment and other one-time purchases like lights, heating, covers, filters, pumps, and, of course, a variety of super-fun flotation devices.

Costs Of Opening And Closing

Take time and energy to get it ready before each swimming season. Once the temperatures begin to drop, the pool must be closed, commonly known as winterized. Each of these steps supports the pool’s longevity and the safety and health of users. Again, this is something that individuals can do themselves, but they might prefer to hire professionals.


Purchasing a home is problematic because it involves choice, location, price, and many other factors. The entire process, from budgeting to touring, may be taxing. But the benefits are plenty once you can manage everything and invest in a suitable property with additional luxury features.

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