Which Type Of Wedding Sparkler Should I Use?

With so many types of wedding sparklers available, knowing which ones are best for your purposes can be tricky. Most couples want to spend as little as possible while still getting the right type of sparklers, but you can easily overpay if you don’t understand the differences. Additionally, buying too cheap of sparklers may result in them being unusable or too short for your needs, and that is just as bad as spending too much. So how are you supposed to know which type of wedding sparklers to use? Here is a quick guide to help you determine which ones are best based on how you plan to use them at your wedding.


When it comes to decorating for your wedding reception, there are few things that can make as big of an impact as your centerpieces. There are a lot of creative wedding centerpiece ideas that you can go with, but using sparklers in them is a great way to make them more exciting for your guests. You don’t need to use only sparklers in your centerpieces to be effective; you can just mix them in with flowers, candy, or whatever else you’re planning to use in them. Best of all, you can use the 10 inch sparklers for this purpose, and they are by far the least expensive type.

General Use

Whether you want to use them in photos or just let your guests use them at their own discretion, having wedding sparklers for general use has become much more popular. The best part of choosing this option is that you don’t need to coordinate anything or setup rules governing their use; your guests can simply light their wedding sparklers whenever they want during your reception. 20 inch sparklers are usually the best option for this because they will burn for a significant period of time and will still be affordable. If you go any shorter then you’ll need to buy a lot more sparklers, and if you choose longer ones then your guests could get reckless with them as the night progresses.

Grand Entrance

Using sparklers during your grand entrance or exit is by far the most popular option, and usually they take the place of traditional items like rice or confetti. The goal when using sparklers for a grand entrance is to get them as high in the air as possible, so your best option is to use 36 inch wedding sparklers to avoid any safety hazards. Shorter sparklers can hang too low and cause embers to fall on your head or wedding dress, so you should always choose the longest ones possible.

Each type of sparklers can be useful at a wedding depending on its purpose, but making the wrong choice can ruin your event. By knowing how you plan to use them and cross-referencing it with my guide, determining which type of wedding sparklers to use can be a very simple task.

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