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Air pollution is caused by chemicals like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides and microbes. Polluted air causes heart diseases, lung infections, cancers, infections of central nervous system and allergies. Children get asthma or increased blood pressure. In 2014, World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed that 7 million people die before time worldwide.

India has maximum air pollution. People living indoor is not spared from air pollutants. Dust particles, bacteria, viruses, dander from pets and more. Unknowingly, people add pollutants by burning incense sticks and spraying. Homes require a free flowing clean air. Thus, many Indian Companies manufacture air purifiers. Here we have discussed the top five brands:

  1. Philips is the best and most trusted brand. It tests 100% all its household appliances. It makes several models having various features but all are made of HEPA filters. The models are all 100% ozone-free. Four fans are provided having different speeds. These are for adjusting to varying sizes of rooms or levels of pollution. Automatic night sense mode adjusts the fan speed when lights are off. Philips Air Purifiers price in India starting from Rs. 9,834 is affordable for most Indians. Model with S3 filters and double layers of HEPA remove 100 times smaller than PM2.5. It uses aerodynamic vortex technology for high flow of air. It covers an area of 818 sq ft. This model is expensive Rs. 26,490.00.
  1. Honeywell ranks second best in making air purifiers. The equipment is made of ABS polycarbonate with anti-UV coating. The multi-layered filtration system eliminates 99 PM. The equipment has a control touch panel for controlling child lock, Timer, Sleep modes, and auto. There are 3 fan speeds and covers area of 250 sq ft. The air is cleansed through air suction that is optimized at corners and walls. Honeywell Air Purifiers price in India ranges from Rs.18,228.60 to Rs. 43500.
  1. Atlanta Healthcare ranks third best in air purifiers. The equipment covers area of 350 sq ft and is available with a remote for controlling. It has 7-stages of air filter technology. These include HEPA filter, bacteria filter, activated carbon, photo catalyst oxidisation and UV light and ioniser. The equipment effectively cleans the air from allergens, bacteria, smoke and bad odours. Atlanta Healthcare Air Purifiers price in India in two stores is Rs. 11960.
  1. Gliese ranks fourth best in manufacturing portable air purifier. There are five stage air filtration systems. These include pre-filter, true HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, UV light and Anion generator. This equipment cleans air from pet dander, bacteria, viruses, dust, allergies, gases and nicotine. A digital touch panel for controlling is provided. The ozone in gaseous form can cause harm to respiratory tract. Glise Air Purifiers price in India is Rs. 6,999.00 to Rs.7, 500.
  1. Panasonic ranks fifth best in making air purifiers with three dimensional airflow circulations. The equipment covers an area of 238 sq ft. The air filter removes 17 kinds of virus, bacteria, and 99% allergens. The equipment has auto and sleep modes for adjusting fan speed and reducing noise. Panasonic Air Purifiers price in India ranges from Rs. 14,999.00 to 17,094.

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