Tips For A Romantic Date On This Valentine’s Day

With just few weeks on our hand, Valentine’s Day is gliding its way up to our door steps for Valentine day ideas.

Every 14th February across the world flowers, chocolates and gifts are exchanged between lovers and loved ones. It is a day when people express their love and affection towards their partners in unique ways.


But if you have run out of ideas how to impress your partner, we have listed our best Valentine day date ideas for you and your partner. So, how do you set a nice date with your partner on this special occasion? How to make this day a special day, never to be forgotten?

Check out our list below that spells ‘LOVE’ and be sure to sweep off your partner’s feet. Our very own list of Valentine Day ideas for a romantic date goes here like this.

Here it goes:

  • A Beach date:

A nice ticket to a beach on this special day would be perfect. It’s the month of February, a perfect time to spend time on the beach of Goa. The water is clear and the coast is empty with no tourist hanging around. Wow! Just you and your partner alone in the beach makes it a pretty awesome date isn’t it? A must have idea on your list of Valentine Day ideas for dating your partner.   

  • A Snowy Date:

If you are more of a mountain traveler, then you and your partner should head on to the Himalayas, that are now fully submerged in snow and all you see is crystal white snow all over the town and places. During this month you will still see a good amount of snow up there. There are also interesting sports you can participate in places like Manali such as skiing, snowboarding, Paragliding and the list goes on. Spending together in a nice warm cabin for days sipping hot coffee, is all you need for nice Valentine’s Day date with your partner. Happy Holidays!

  • A Date into the Deserts:

Now, if you don’t love the beach or the mountains maybe you can add a ride to the deserts in the Valentine Day ideas. Jaipur being just few miles and an easy trip to make. Just book a train and take your date for a long ride to the deserts. It might be chilly at night but spending time in the vast desert with cultural performance by the locals out there, Camel rides, Bon fires at night and interesting shopping options would make up to a good dating event. Experience the varied culture out there and enjoy your special day with your partner.  

  • Go Aboard:

If you desire something out of the regular ideas, then going abroad is a good option to add in to your list of Valentine Day ideas. Choose any destination you want to take your partner to and book them from websites like or that provides special discounted packages for travelers. Travelling outside less expensive locations like Thailand and Dubai will not only make your partner extremely happy but will also give you both a renewing experience. So go ahead and choose any destination you want make it your best date with your partner. Enjoy!

  • The Cooking Date:

Nothing makes you fall for someone who can cook and pace their way to your heart with their delicious recipes. If your partner is a foodie, then maybe you should start learning some cooking recipes just for your partner. Find out her favorite dish and learn how to prepare the dish, and on the Valentine’s Day surprise your partner with the most delicious food to gorge on. Food has its own way to mellow ones heart and a unique way in the Valentine Day ideas. Cheesy but yummy affair for a special date. Savor the love in your special dish!

  • A Romantic Poem:

Here’s the scenario, write a poem that spills out your love for your partner and read it out aloud to her on the special dinner date in a nice cozy restaurant. A romantic poem, though traditional never grows old in enchanting ones heart. It’s beautiful and it speaks volumes. You don’t have to be a poet or a writer to do that. Just write your heart out with just a few rhymes and that’s it! No poem is a bad poem and especially if it is dedicated to someone special. Get ready to have your partner melt in tears of joy and blush with your romantic poem dedicated just for her.

  •  Band of Singers:

A song is always an effective way to mellow one’s heart. All these years, songs have been playing a vital role in lifting up ones’ mood. So how about hiring a group of musicians just for your partner. Have them sing your partner’s favorite songs and watch your partner groove to it. Nothing good like having both your love and your favorite songs being played together. A singing group could be a perfect romantic date to your list of Valentine Day ideas.

  • A Romantic Dance Number:

If your partner loves to tap on the floor, then maybe you should too. Does she tango, freestyle or go classic? Whatever it is, take some dance lessons secretly and surprise her by dancing along with her on the special day and impress her with your moves. Nothing like a good dance together hand in hand for a romantic date. Go Tango!

  • Go Shopping:

Nothing lifts the mood when we hear the word ‘Shopping’!  Set a budget for your partner and take her to a nice shopping mall and let her ravage the entire mall, of course within the budget you have set. But how great it would be to shop a day with no financial restraints! So let your partner have that liberty for one day, and watch that smile grow all the way.

  • A Bike Date:

Does your partner love the adventure of riding a bike? Then why not hire a nice bike and travel along. Pack your bags with minimal things and go adventurous for a day with a long bike ride to any place you want to go. For those who live in Delhi, places like Dehradun, Jaipur etc. would be a good option for bikers.

Hope you enjoyed our list of Valentine Day ideas for a romantic date with your partner. Enjoy and have a fun filled Valentine’s day!


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