Are Inflatables Expensive To Maintain?

Inflatables Expensive

Inflatables are described as objects that can be inflated with various gasses, including air, nitrogen, hydrogen, and helium. One of the best things about inflatables is that they can be deflated and stored in small spaces when not in use. Different types of inflatables are used for adding fun to various children’s events like summer camps, birthday parties, etc. However, when it comes to maintaining the inflatables, that seems to be a costly idea. In this article, we will list down different types of inflatables and see if they are expensive to maintain.

Large inflatables are an inevitable part of various events and they have certain definitive features and functional purposes. Some common types of inflatables would include:

Bounce House/Moonwalks

This is the most common type of inflatable found at various children’s parties. A standard moonwalk can bear around 5-8 jumpers inside at a time, and that number might change according to the specific unit. It also depends on the age, weight, and height of the children playing inside. They are quite big and can be used for around 8 hours at a stretch. They have moderate maintenance costs.


Another popular one among the large inflatables is the combo units. They consist of a jumping area and a slide in one place. This combination inside one unit adds a lot of fun and gives a great experience to the children. This has a moderate maintenance cost and is ideal for older children looking for some added fun in the same unit.


They are a great addition to bigger events occurring in schools or picnics. These slides come with adequate steps and stripes, which are very convenient and safe. They are available in different sizes, and the maintenance cost varies with the size.


These inflatable units are perfect for curious minds, who love participating in different types of activities. They are available in different variants like foam-tipped arrows with specific targets, strapping the participant and then letting them collect balls, etc. These inflatables have a bit of a high maintenance cost.

Obstacle Courses

The competitively inclined obstacle is something that your children would love. There are inflatables wherein small courses are attached to form a bigger course, which can be customized according to your specific demand. These are quite costly to maintain and can be done effectively only by experienced professionals.

This is the selection of the most common types of inflatables that are large, with their maintenance cost. You can either rent them or buy one if you wish to. They gain their shape and size from the gas inside, and if you remove that, they would lose their shape. This means you can fold them and keep them in storage, but need to maintain them as, without proper care, they can get damaged.

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