Basic Information About Roofing With Metal Sheets

Nowadays various types of metal sheets are being used for roofing. These metals include stainless steel, aluminum, anthra zinc, etc. All these types of metal sheet roofing have their own significance and benefits. Let’s have a look at few important aspects of metal sheet roofing.

What is Metal Sheet Roofing?

Metal sheet roofing is the roofing structure built using large sheets or pieces of a specific type of metal. Generally, the roofs are made up of metals like copper, steel, aluminum, etc. Anthra zinc is the new addition to this list. These metal sheets are popular for providing the high-level protection to the houses and buildings during extreme weather conditions. Studies have also shown that a large number of house owners are replacing their roofs with metal sheet roofs, as it not only protects them from extreme weather conditions but also saves energy.

Background of Metal Sheet Roofing:

The metal sheet roofing has its roots way back in 970 B.C. There are many historical structures, which used metal sheet roofing while being constructed. Below mentioned are just a few of those.

  • the sanctuary of Jerusalem was built with the roofing made up of copper.
  • The roofs of gravels are made up of copper in Loha Moha Temple Shrilanka in ancient times.
  • Romans also used copper as the roofing material.
  • In recent times the roofs made from copper and its alloys became popular in European architecture. The roof of Kornberg made in 1585 is the best example of the same.

 From this information gathered from the pages of history, we can say that metal sheet roofing is not a new invention. In past century American construction field made use of metal sheet roofing, especially corrugates galvanized steel sheet roofing. It is still being used in any part of the developed world.

Materials Used:

A large variety of materials are used in metal sheet roofing. These materials are used according to the roofing requirements.

  • A blend of zinc named anthra zinc; steel and aluminum coated with silicon etc. are the generally used materials.
  • Stainless steel- This material is used for harsh weather conditions and gives a characterized appearance to the home.
  • Corrugated steel- It is the most popular material used for roofing. It is formed by combining iron with zinc coating and made into sheets which are corrugated.
  • Copper- It is the oldest material being used for the metal roofing. It has one additional benefit to offer. It resists the corrosion and hence the roof needs less maintenance. It is durable and provides a shield against radio frequency and lightening.
  • Aluminum- It is the most durable metal when it comes to metal sheet roofing. These roofs can last for more than 40 years if coated with a special type of paint. They resist corrosion, are lighter in weight and are naturally reflective.


The metals used in roofing like anthra zinc, copper, aluminum is quite durable and versatile in nature. They can be used for different type of buildings like residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural. Different types of styles are also available which will fit for any type of building. Various colors of metal sheets can be used to give an attractive look to the roof. It can really enhance the look of the building while shielding it from the weather and other natural phenomena.


  • Metal sheet roofing is long lasting, resistant to cracking, can stand in harsh weather conditions and come with long warranty periods.
  • Roofs made up of metals are attractive and versatile.
  • They are available in different colors, shapes, sizes, and materials according to architectural designs and styles.
  • They are both energy-efficient and cost-effective for the house owners.
  • They are environment-friendly.

Because of its numerous benefits, metal sheet roofing has made its way to the recent times from the history. And it continues being the most opted roofing options for many owners all over the world. 

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