How To Choose Your Business Number Wisely

It is rightly said that the first impression is the last impression. These numbers put an impact on your potential as well as the existing customers, as this is the medium through which they connect to you at present as well as in future. The number should be as innovative and attractive as it can be because its visibility is what counts which connect your customers trust in your company.

Choice of number should also count as one of the important decision while setting up your business it says a lot about you and your relationship with your customers and also the cost of getting the a business phone number should be analyzed with its benefits.

Categories of business phone numbers:

Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual Phone Numbers are in top priority these day , almost every big – small business house is preferring Virtual Phone Numbers over other categories of business numbers, it’s getting an edge over other mediums not only in India but internationally. Calls to these numbers are redirected to any of your existing landline, mobile numbers, you can use a single number and all the calls will land or will be transferred to it automatically.

Its major advantage is it creates business credibility in the minds of the customers, and no matter where the business shifts the number stays the same.

The cost of calling on these numbers is less but not totally free so this brings hesitation in the minds of the customers.

Landline Numbers

Landline Numbers are the traditional services used by the business firms, which does not make your choice of business number out of the box and is less visible to the customer. It is the same old number you use at your home and same you will use for your business as well.

The main advantage of Landline Numbers would be its simplicity and its easy installation and these numbers are good for small business houses.

The disadvantage of Landline Numbers would also be its simplicity which in a sense destroys its credibility and also as these numbers are geographically attached so it makes difficult for the business to relocate and they have to stick to one place only, it offers less portability. Also landline numbers are costly affair both the incoming as well as the outgoing that is for the customers as well as the company with its monthly bills.

Personal mobile numbers

There should always be a balance between the personal and professional life, same is the case for personal numbers and the business numbers and also if we compare the source with landline numbers its more costly than the landline no matter how many good plans the company is offering and its not even considered a professional approach on part of the company.

The main advantage of this just like the landline numbers it is easy to install and also this place is flexible and more portable as compared to the landline source.

The major disadvantage would be your personal life gets affected, the balance of work-business life is disturbed. This can even risk your personal information because your number is displayed publicly.

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