How To Reduce Your Site’s Barrier To Entry?

Just like we have gates at guard to isolate our house from the outer world, we also have some barriers on all sites which makes it difficult for some individuals to use the website. In this technological era, we have many different technologies which we use. But some individuals among us have physical disadvantages to use the technology.

Websites have mainly push and press buttons. The minimum criteria to surf any website is to have a minimum consciousness and to have the minimum capability to tap or click.

Here comes the strategy of designing a website by an offshore web development company in such a way so that the barrier is reduced and people irrespective of any problem can use your website efficiently.

Here are 5 tips: –

  • HTML and CSS: People, who have the experience in website development, have already been thinking about how to deal with such issues. HTML and CSS are such powerful software which has their own guidelines and rules. They have plenty of rooms to increase the accessibility of every website built with them. Using the guidelines and ALT texts and also using the right HTML elements in right content can not only help you maintain the code but also help the screen reader applications to navigate your sites.
  • Accessibility Test: Testing your website is an important step. In this case, you have to see if your website is working fine blind people. Also you need to test your site for different lighting conditions as there are many visitors who are visually impaired or colour blind.

You also need to clarify that your website is working properly using the keyboard only as many people prefer to use only keyboards.

  • Don’t Forget your root: There are many people still today, where they use old version personal computers. Some have old phones with outdated software. Some even access the internet through gaming consoles. For them you need to make your website run on their platform so that irrespective of what they are using to access the Internet, they can see your website. You will never want your website to stop working on some out dated devices.

Recently CSS grid has got 70% compatible with out dated platforms. Rest 30% is still under process. But to make something universal, developers are working hard to omit this 30% boundary too and make CSS grid universally compatible software.

  • Performance and Speed: Speaking of the loading speed and processing speed, it is a big entry barrier problem. Old phones and computers take a longer time to process due to their outdated hardware and hence increasing the time to process and load. This can affect your website largely. People today still use slow network internet and even dial ups which are very slow. 5G is knocking at the door and still you can find users who use 2G standing today. For them it becomes a major issue and developers should think about this problem and should sort it out.
  • Keep your website simple, yet beautiful and precise: Never over beautify your website and never be over informative. Always keep it short and precise because no one wants to waste their time to figure out your website with keen interest. This takes away a huge amount of energy and ultimately will reduce your audience. So, be careful!

Here are some of the best strategies practiced by an offshore web development company for you to build your website the best as well.

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