Birthday Cakes And Its Story Behind

Many people and food historians believe that the first birthday cake was made in Germany during the Middle Age. It was the Germans, who used to celebrate children’s birthdays with a cake and called it Kinder Fest. Previously, in Germany, cakes were coarse and looked like a bread product which much later became sweet and were given the name Geburtstagorten. From 17th century onwards, cakes were made in layers along with icings and had some decorations like flowers on the top. But these cakes were not for the common reach. The ingredients needed to make a cake then cost high and only rich aristocrats and royal families could afford cakes during birthdays. At that time, cake baking was also not a very common thing. There were very few chefs, who could bake a cake, and that is why baking a cake was also a rare occasion.

Later in 18th century, baking ingredients and utensils became more easily available, and thus, it became more affordable as well. Increase in the number of bakers increased the number of cakes produced and thus, the price of a cake also became much affordable for the common men.

Now, there are not only cakes but the varieties are innumerable. You can find the flavours from chocolates to vanilla to strawberry to coffee to butterscotch and many more. There are several designs, varieties, icings and toppings one cannot even think of.  One can even order cakes from online websites. They have the facility of birthday cake delivery at your doorstep when needed and have all the varieties from which one can choose and order.

Make a wish before blowing candles

Have you ever thought why candles are put on birthday cakes and then they are blown out before cutting the cake? History says this tradition started in ancient Greece. Greek people used to make round shaped cakes, in order to worship Artemis, their God of Moon. They used to light candles on the cake to represent the glow of the moon, and when they blew it out, they believed that the smoke of the candle carried their wishes and prayers to the moon, who live in sky. Later, in Germany, a single candle was placed and lit on the top of the cake to represent the light of life. But now, on birthday cakes, people lit candles depending on the age of whose birthday they are celebrating. One who is going to cut the cake should make a silent wish before blowing away all the candles at one breath so that their wish comes true.

One can bake a cake easily at home now. There are plenty of recipes available and the varieties of ingredients are also easily found in the market. Making varieties of cakes at home is just a matter of time now. But if one is not very easy with the baking process, then they can always buy a cake from store or order them from online cake websites. They all have the facility of cake delivery at home when needed. It is just a few clicks away.

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