Top Factors To Be Considered For Reconditioning Diesel Engine

Reconditioning of a diesel engine can be more economical as compared to opting for a totally new engine. There are many companies offering these services for different vehicles. Depending on what type of car you own you can opt for the specific company offering these services. You can say with an engine reconditioning your ‘engine tends to sing a different tune’ which is melodious to car lovers. Reconditioning of a diesel engine, in other words, means that the engine has been put back in the original condition when it was new. This is done keeping factors like reliability and the performance in focus.

Factors to be considered for reconditioning of a diesel engine

A reconditioned engine should be built with certain standards which include

# Oil Pump:

This needs to be replaced or overhauled with an O.E.M pump.

# Engine Block:

The engine blocks need to be cleaned chemically in a tank with hot acid. The crankshaft tunnels need to be line bored after being checked for trueness. The Parent bores need to be checked for ovality, cracks and taper. The cylinder decks checked for straightness after which need to be surfaced ground. Where necessary, the cam bearings are to be replaced.

# Cylinder Head:

These should be tested for pressure and cracks and then tested for straightness and reconditioned accordingly.

# Crank Shafts:

These need to be polished or ground after being tested for cracks and also straightness.

# Conrods:

These need to be aligned, closed and also honed.  Gudgeon pin brushes need to be fit into the alignments in a most perfect manner.

# Cam Shaft:

Cam shafts are re-profiled after being tested for cracks and straightness. Most of the cam followers are replaced or re-profiled.

# Timing Gear and Rocker Gear:

Timing gear bushes, Rocker bushes, Rocker Shafts, Rocker faces, Rocker bushes need to be inspected and replaced if necessary.

Advantages of opting for reconditioned diesel engines

Reconditioned diesel engines work out affordable as compared to opting for a new engine. When you think of a new engine, besides the cost of the engine you need to also think of the charges required for the installation and probably, if not fitted properly, be prepared for trouble. A reconditioned diesel engine by a reputable company is as good as new and you are given some warranty to ensure you do not face major problems for a long time. In other words, with reconditioned diesel engines you are offered value for the money spent.

Choosing the Right Company

There are multiple companies these days which offer reconditioning of diesel engines or even replacing the engine of your vehicle with a reconditioned engine. All you need to do is take your time before you opt for one. You need to make sure of the experience besides the reputation before you spend your hard earned money on reconditioning your diesel engine. Keep the factors listed below before you settle for a company dealing with reconditioned diesel engines.

  1. The engineers working on the reconditioning should be skilled besides being experienced in the reconditioning.
  2. The engines which are reconditioned should be first disassembled, assessed after being cleaned and then rebuilt with new gaskets, oil seals and components.
  3. A guarantee of reliability assured.
  4. The engines should be restored to the factory conditions.
  5. Machines should be used for the fitting to ensure the engine is fitted right.
  6. Factors like how was the vehicle used, how many kms did it travel, was the engine oil changed as required, did the engine over heat at any time, should be considered before the reconditioning of a diesel engine.

Keeping the above factors in focus, you are definitely benefitted with a reconditioned diesel engine in more than one way. Do you want to know more? Let’s have a look for some more useful information.

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