Latest 2018 Hybrid Bikes In Malaysia For Your Riding Pleasure

What is a hybrid bike?

A hybrid bike is a special kind of bike that combines the function of both a standard bike and a mountain bike.  Buying the latest 2018 hybrid bikes in Malaysia will, therefore, give you access to both features in one bike. One of the principal advantages of using a hybrid bike is that it can run smoothly on all surfaces and terrains. The bike will always give top value for money if you make the right choice when purchasing yours.

Below are the other features that distinguish a hybrid bike from other types of bikes.

  •    The tyres fitted to hybrid bikes are narrower than what you will find on mountain bikes. On the other hand, the tyres are narrower than what you will find on road bikes.
  •    You can sit adequately straight on a hybrid bike, thanks to its set in a relaxed position and its handlebars.
  •    The bike can be stopped quickly and safely, thanks to its disc brakes.
  •    Additionally, it features eyelets for mudguards and pannier racks.   

Do you need a bike that can function as a mountain bike and road bike in one package? Then a hybrid bike is the best for you.  You will get the best value if you opt for the latest 2018 hybrid bikes in Malaysia, provided you reside in this country. You can order it online, and it will be delivered at your doorstep quickly.

The riding position in a hybrid bike is stable, comfortable and upright. Consequently, you will never hurt your back while riding the bike. You can, therefore, use it for a long time and cover a long distance without any crampy or painful feeling on the back, palms or legs.  The comfortable ride offered by the bike makes it the best for leisure rides in the pack or even to climb a hilly road. Its hybrid nature equally makes it the best bike for on and off-road uses.

The best place to buy

USJ CYCLES is among the best places to buy the latest 2018 hybrid bikes in Malaysia. They sell top quality hybrid bikes that can last for years to come. They equally sell bikes for both genders, and they have arrays of bikes from top brands, like Fuji, Marin, Cube, Specialized and even Giant. Therefore, you will never be in want of top-class bikes from across the world when you visit this outlet to buy your bike.

Furthermore, they offer one of the best customer services and can deliver the hybrid bike at your doorstep. You can either place an order for the bike online or visit their brick and mortar outlet in Malaysia.

Their customer care agents are well trained and adequately informed to respond to all your queries and concerns. You can equally get in touch with them via several methods, including email and phone calls. They are also available on social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram.          

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