Book Amazing Bars For Special Occasions

Are you planning to choose a venue for upcoming event? Are you heading to book the best catering and bartending services? Well, you have amazing choices.  Go for the stylish bars that are available for all events — weddings, corporate events, private parties, birthday bash and night-outs.

Hire a bar and plan for a wonderful outdoor or indoor event in the location of your choice. Contact the event hiring companies and tell them about your preferences. They will do the rest for you and deliver the service with ultimate sophistication and class. Catering, dance floors, drinks, table service, themed bars, lighting they manage everything for you.

Types of Bars:

Functional Mobile Bars: These mobile bars speak of excellent taste and refinement. The bar-keeping services are simply extraordinary. Capacious shelves, encased ice boxes, kegs, and speed rails help serve large crowds easily. Stainless steel bars illuminated with front lighting are available in different shapes and sizes. Logos and designs of particular occasion can be displayed on request.

Craft Beer Bars: If you are thinking to get the Bavarian Bar look, hire the craft beer bars. Adorned with a countryside look, these bars are ideal for standing events.

Shack: Highly customisable, the shack bars go well for all functions. The steel structures are enveloped with rustic wood. The flowery decoration with glimmering lights looks spectacular.

Starlight Bars: These portable bars are multipurpose and can be erected against different backdrops.  You can get different colour codes and complementing themes for weddings and formal events.

Mirror Bars: These bars give a voguish contemporary look. The mirror bars are ideal for all outdoor events. The mirror reflection looks awesome for all colour combinations.

Bar accessories such as canisters, ice buckets, glass trolley, barrels and kegs of fine quality are available. Paper lanterns, festoon lighting, vintage lamps and traditional lanterns decorate the surroundings and accentuate the ambiance.  Exquisite tables, chairs, lounge and bar stools and much more are ideal choices for furniture. Heterogeneous barware, lighting, furniture and beautification add life to your occasion and you can definitely show off your decor.

Let’s have a quick view of different services and opportunities you can grab:

You will get a rich choice of exotic wines and drinks. Ciders, ales, vodka, rum, lagers and gin highballs are some of them. One can make a choice depending on the event he is organising.

The bartenders and mixologists are fascinating. They serve the guests efficiently and perform superfluous magical shows, fire shows and to attract the visitors. You can tell them your taste, and they will mix the drinks perfectly.

Talking about the wines glasses, they provide elegantly designed glasses. Wine glass, martini glass, champagne glass, pint glasses are some of them. You can even hire kegs and other beer equipment.

For all occasions — night-outs, sport events, concerts, parties, hire a bar. You will be impressed by the beguiling concoctions and cocktails. The professional tapsters will treat the guest well. They will be amazed by the wonderful festive aura and spectacular display.

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